Tuesday, 18 August 2015

On A FruPasta Trail To Italy!

Those who know me well know that I am a family person. It is not only the company of cheerful family members that keeps me well but also the elucidation of anecdotes from each one of our daily routines which makes me feel that I am blessed.

Joyous times are accounted for, whenever there is a celebration in the family. Celebrations always provide all the family members an essential reason to make time and get together. Such get-togethers always rekindle all such distant memories which may or may not have been lost down the abyss of grey cells over time. 

Even if not for celebratory accounts, we siblings (cousins and otherwise) keep visiting each other occasionally. I have some Indian festivals to thank, though, for keeping the persistent sibling-hood alive! :) 


It was on one such visit by my brother, sister-in-law and their seven-year-old daughter yesterday, that I was surprised by my culinary skills. 

Usually, my brother vouches for an 'informed host' i.e. he likes to be informed when he has guests coming over and likes to inform his hosts when he visits too. That is a quality which I like, but sometimes it kills the 'surprise' element to a visit. 

However, my niece is a naughty brat. She makes it a point to incorporate some or the other 'surprise' element, with her innocent aspirations. 

With innocent being the keyword, she puts all of us elders to work, in engaging her playfully or even otherwise. Picture a kid - a foodie. Picture a kid who possesses - a large sweet tooth! :) 

If you haven't guessed already, more often than not, the kiddo's aspirations involve food. Desserts are her epitome of appetite. 


Thankfully, I had my three-course-meal sorted for them (or so I thought :P ), with all home-made dishes:

  • Chifferi Rigati Pasta, courtesy Delmonte India
  • Barbecued Chicken and Sweet Corn Pizza and, 
  • Cassata Sicilana

It was almost time for dinner when my niece came running into the kitchen, and narrated to me her wishful thinking.

The conversation went thus:

बुआ, What's for dinner, tonight?  
Something that is a delight? 

There are some favorites in the air, 
Some #ItalianEscapades seem fair? 

Pasta is Italian, but so repetitive, 
Something unique, please up your score!

That is like an exam for a teacher, 
बुआ's test to ace, no dodging either! 

Exactly. White amd red sauce are passe! 
Does nobody like Dessert Pasta, for a change? 


Experimentation in the kitchen is a forte to ace, for anyone attempting to innovate, and impress with their culinary skills. 

Such was my plight, when the kiddo posed an inquisitive combination. 

Dessert + Pasta? 

How could it be? 


Nonetheless, in the spur of the moment, my grey cells embarked on a gastronomical trail. The dessert which I had planned - Cassata, and the entree - Pasta, were simultaneously echoing in my ears.

As a result, Chef Poonam (wishful thinking at its best :) ) presents to you:


FruPasta Duet

Twinning Custard 


Delmonte India introduces: 

Chifferi Rigati Pasta 


Portion Size: 10
Serves: 4

Preparation Time: 10 Minutes
Cooking Time: 15 Minutes


  • Vessel : 2 nos. 
  • Stirrer : 2 nos. 
  • Plate: 3 nos. 
  • Bowl: 4 nos. 
  • Serving Platter : 4 nos. 


  • Full Cream Milk: 1L. 
  • Sugar: 150 gm. 
  • Custard Powder, Vanilla & Strawberry variants: 4 tsp. each.
  • Assorted Nuts: Cashew, Almond, Raisin, Crushed Cardamom Seeds: 7-8 nos. each.
  • Fruits: Red Apple, Banana, Pomegranate: 1 no. , 2 nos. , 1/2 no. respectively.


Note: Steps 1-7 are to be performed side by side, on two burners, for both variants of Custard Powder.
  1. Boil full-cream milk. 
  2. Add sugar and stir to dissolve. 
  3. Add Pasta and let it simmer for 8-10 minutes, stirring ocassionally. 
  4. Dissolve the custard powder in half-a-bowl milk. 
  5. Pour the dissolved powder in the boiling milk, while stirring. 
  6. Switch off the burner. 
  7. Refrigerate for 20 minutes. 


For Twinning Custard:

  1. Take one rectangular serving dish. 
  2. Alternately layer the dish with Strawberry and Vanilla Pasta. 
  3. Garnish each layer with sliced assorted nuts. 
  4. Also, plate both the variants in two separate bowls, and top it with one chocolate cube each. 

Pro Tip: Try making a smiley face using raisin and chocolates, as you fancy. I did it and my niece's reaction was priceless. 

For FruPasta

  1. Two one Gourmet bowl with lid. 
  2. Arrange three layers: Vanilla, Strawberry, Vanilla Pasta, while garnishing each layer with sliced assorted fruits. 


The homemade Cassatta ice cream was set aside for some other day, while my FruPasta Duet Twinning Custard ousted the Pizza and won me an 'Excellent' from my niece, with five stars - in true blue school project style. 

The twinkle in her eyes and the wide smile won my heart though. :) 

Come over the virtual way, 
For some FruPasta, some day! :) 

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