Sunday, 1 February 2015

Level Up With Quikr NXT!

This is the biggest marketplace of the country where various buyers and sellers from all across India, irrespective of their geographic location can interact. This is lively and interactive, and not like an ad in the center page of a newspaper or on one of those shopping channels. You can easily create your account for free here to be a buyer or a seller; or for that sake, both. You can publish your product details as a seller and start getting approached by buyers in no time. This is Quikr, the grand plaza for buyers and sellers across India.


The portal has recently unlocked a new level of customer satisfaction. This is something quite unique and really beneficial for the buying and selling community. Now there is Quikr NXT, a newly launched, and unique mobile chat platform that connects these two communities in an innovative style. There are many features that deserve to be mentioned. Quikr NXT enables buyers and sellers to connect with each other with complete freedom, security and surety.


You are not bound to attend to a phone call at odd hours. You don’t have the risk of missing an important call, lingering on. You don’t have to check if the call flashing on your mobile from an unknown number is related to your new ad posted on Quikr or not.


To counter all such issues, Quikr’s NXT is a perfect answer. There are many excellent features that ensure its usefulness and necessity.


Three of these features are:

1. You have total freedom to receive the important messages, as per your time and need and reply to them without the risk of losing any of the important messages. For instance if you are a buyer, and you have seen a relevant ad of the same product which you want to buy, you would be prompted to connect to the seller instantly. That is where Quikr NXT comes handy. Just send a message to seller regarding the same and probably instantly or within some time, you will get a response from the seller. It goes vice versa as well. If you are a seller and your ad draws the attention of a suitable buyer, you would be receiving the relevant message on your Quikr NXT app in no time. Probably that buyer will also be eager enough to respond back in the affirmative to close the deal at the earliest. 

2. Share unlimited photos of your product on Quikr NXT. You can satisfy your buyers by sharing as many photos of the product as you want on Quikr. The photos remain a part of your repository in the app and probably, the next time when you have to share those photos with someone else, it will be quicker and more efficient on Quikr NXT. 

3. Your communication is safe and secure on Quikr NXT. Though you are always communicating with some potential buyers and sellers on Quikr NXT, your mobile number is secure and is not visible to anyone. In fact, you are communicating through a secured layer of Quikr NXT app. This ensures a certain level of privacy, and hassle free transactions from your side also. 


P.S. : The image has been taken from Quikr's Happy Hours page on IndiBlogger.

This post has been written as a part of Indi Happy Hours' #QuikrNXT in association with Quikr and IndiBlogger.

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