Tuesday, 17 February 2015

#BefikarUmarBhar, With Lifesurance!

What if you were told that the old-school concept of life insurance had now been revamped to Lifesurance?

What if you were told that you could live on to become a centenarian, sans any stress or tension?

To be honest, I've not developed any potion or such recipe for turning mortal beings into immortal deities.

The people at IDBI Federal Life Insurance have done it.

Well, they've not devised any such potion.

What they've come up with, is the concept of #BefikarUmarBhar.


With so many tensions in life, its charm is reduced to the size of an iota. The life which we claim to be living, progresses to become more and more mechanical and we keep on striving for joy, enjoyment and some moments of bliss. There are moments aplenty when we are able to enjoy the company of our friends and family members, moments which make time come to a standstill, moments which are so magical and fulfilling!

But, to our disbelief, we overlook most of them. With an immersion in all such tensions, I am compelled to wonder. How would life be sans all such stress, sans all such tension? Which would be the prime concerns, the top priorities, the unfulfilled passions I would like to pursue? What would my bucket list look like, if I were to be #BefikarUmarBhar?


Coupling my profession with undiscovered talent : My first task would be to do good to the young, bright minds of our country, who have not been able to utilize their potential to the fullest. I would purchase a huge plot of land, build my own school and impart knowledge to those children, for them to be able to acquire practiclal skills. My school would focus more on skill - honing, rather than a regular routine of class tests, homeworks, projects etc. It would focus on the essence of life and its teachings. I would like to raise them to the podium tthey deserve in life, to uplift them to such a level that they learn the importance of self-reliance and self esteem. 

Enjoying life, my way : I have always wished to embark on a World Tour. A tour, for the completion of which, I am able to spend my money, to my heart's content, without bothering about the expenses incurred. I wish to unleash the traveler within me!

Developing a unique office environment : I would like to establish a business, where creativity would be prime. Each employee would be a stakeholder in profit and not merely a salaried individual. 

Building my personal library : I would love to build my personal library where I would collect all those books which built me, those which aided me in advancing intellectually and those which are full of wisdom. Anyone would be welcome to gain access by availing membership, provided they are as zealous and respectful to this treasure.

Relaxing in nature's lap : I would love to own a luxurious villa away from the  hustle and bustle of city life. It would serve as the perfect getaway from the perpetual tensions of life. I would be able to retreat to greener and more peaceful pastures, at my will.

This post has been written as a part of Indi Happy Hours' #BefikarUmarBhar in association with IDBI Federal Life Insurance and IndiBlogger.

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