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The Oh! So Uncommon 'Common Man'...

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R. K. Laxman. 

24 October 1921 - 26 January 2015. 


The Common Man. 

1951 - Eternity. 


They Say... 

What's In A Name? 


I Say... 

What's With Those Timelines? 


After all, those are just some digits, separated by dots or dashes. 

And, life cannot be condensed into a space as little as some date, followed by some other date, with a hyphen in between. 

Certainly, a life as great as The Common Man's cannot. 

It does not deserve to be condensed into any space. 

For, it deserves to be celebrated, given the essence of its simplicity and the sheer, observant grandeur in its humility. 


Mr. R. K. Laxman was a born artist. 

And an adept humorist. 

And a clever satirist. 


His 'Common Man' was bespectacled. 

His 'Common Man' was bald. 

His 'Common Man' was dhoti-clad. 



His Common Man could be one among us.

But, unlike us, he was a good observer and a brilliant listener.

He could observe the subtlety of matters, which we blatantly overlook, so gracefully.

These are matters of concern to the Common Man, matters of true concern at that!

The Common Man Takes A Stroll.



Here's presenting five of his masterpieces from this classic masterpiece, in its own right.

Getting the right Diwali Offer.
Is it Toothpaste + TV or the other way round? :D
Terrorism dominates the land.
Even today. :(
Ladies And Gentlemen...
Err... :)

Of Foreign Investment and the likes...
Common Men and their hard earned money.
For, Gandhi's print from one to another.
The Saga Continues... :D


Time passes.

Time has stood still for now.

Memories fade.

They are fresh as a daisy at the moment.

Feelings change. 

No, they won't.

People leave.

Yes, you've left.

But the heart never forgets.

Albeit a void remains...


Post by Stir YourSouls


A good laugh and a long sleep are the two best cures for anything.

You gave us a good laugh with your satire.

Every single time, Sir.


May you rest in peace, till posterity, Sir.

Six square feet for 'You Said It' in a twenty thousand square feet newspaper for his 'Common Man'.

Six feet from his head to his heels was all he needed, for himself.

He was...

Rasipuram Krishnaswami...

Laughing Away Those Tensions, Our Anxiety...
Absorbing, Observing All Nuances Of Society...
Xeroxing. Portraying That Same Common Man...
Molding His Humor, Satire With Much Elan...
Acknowledging The Hardships And Small Joys...
Naming The Man As One Of Us With All Poise...

The Common Man...

Who Said It All...




  1. A fitting tribute to the man who accompanied us every morning with our cuppa tea. He left an indelible impact on our lives.

    1. I'm glad you liked my tribute, Vishal.
      True, his humor always struck a chord.
      Keep Visiting. :)


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