Sunday, 22 February 2015

Of Ahmedabad And All Food, Gujarati!

Ahmedabad is the major business hub of Gujarat, endowed with all the basic amenities, which a commercial city must possess for its civilians to live and work smoothly . A Times of India publication adjudged Ahmedabad as the best city in India, in 2012, on the basis of its living facilities and safety standards. The GDP (gross domestic product) of Ahmedabad in 2014 was USD 64 billion which places it at the 105th pedestal in global ranking, and at the 7th pedestal as far as Indian cities are concerned.

Ahmedabad is situated on the banks of Sabarmati River.  Forbes has recognized Ahmedabad as among the fastest growing cities of the decade. The population of Ahmedabad is nearing six million and it is the second largest producer of cotton in India. I fell in love with this beautiful and serene place when I first visited it in 2004. For the first time, I had seen a city in India that was safe for women even during the late hours of the night. The Navrangpur Market and its nearby vicinity became my all-time favorite places to visit then and whenever I visited Ahmedabad in the future too.

Another significant point about Ahmedabad is its food. The Gujarati thali, dal-dhokli, dhokla, khandvi are just a few names among the long list of Gujarati delicacies. There are many excellent restaurants in Ahmedabad that are famous for providing you the best Gujarati food. Preparing good food with a certain consistency not only attracts new customers but also helps in sustaining existing customers. I fondly remember some of the best restaurants in Ahmedabad which I prefer to visit and dine at, every time I go to Ahmedabad. There is a fundamental concept love, brimming in the people of Ahmedabad about two things  – good Gujarati food and Dandia.

There are many ways to discover places to eat in Ahmedabad, but one thing to keep in mind is to have your own parameters to ascertain some of the delightful recipes in the best restaurants of Ahmedabad. This is because of two reasons – one, a lot of people from other corners of the country visit Ahmedabad on a regular basis for professional commitments. Some people may visit once and others may need to visit frequently as per their business requirements. I am sure that Ahmedabad has that capability of winning hearts irrespective of whether you visit once and never come back, or keep visiting frequently.

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