Sunday, 1 February 2015

Trivial Pursuits Of A Fast-Paced Life...

Everyone has some or the other plan charted out for their life. Well, some have it, some do not, to be honest. 

I have a clear idea of what would be my future goals. What I’m not clear about is what the future holds within its reach. 

It could be good. It could be bad. God forbid, it could be ugly. At the time when I was a student, I was totally involved into my academics. 

I had no time to explore any other things in life. I had thought of travelling to various places in this far and wide world, with my parents but never got the requisite time. I had thought of spending my idle time in capturing nature’s marvels through my lens, but the paucity of time and resources (in the 1970s) played a vital role. 

Similarly, there have been a lot of such wishes, which accumulated inside me. Wishes which I have always been pushing ahead,  to be taken care of in the future, after I find relief from the present obligations in life. 

I guess those Tomorrows turned to Todays in split seconds. 

First came my education days, then my career building days, then my marriage, then my daughter and all different kinds of responsibilities. Life has never relaxed its pace to gift me some time to fulfil my wishes. I would love to go for them now, as I feel there is no #SecondChance. They say time stops for none. Hence I believe, I must make time NOW. If not now, then NEVER. As I said, none of us knows what lies in our future’s travails.

I have some simple, sober joys and passions, which I wish to derive from life.
For, I believe, in simplicity, lies humility. In humility lies greatness.

Clear, concise, to the point.

Here are my three cents, to unveil three different personas within me:

1. The Photographer In Me: I would like to buy the best available Digital Camera and go pursue my passion of clicking still photographs, surrounded by Nature, its beauty, serendipity, and peace. Probably, this is the best time to go for it. :)

2. The Traveller In Me: I would like to hire a chartered airplane to travel around the whole world accompanied with my husband and daughter. Truly, ‘Around The World In Eighty Days’ style. Grandeur lies in the simple pleasures of life! :D

3. The Experienced Disciple In Me : I would like to hit the ‘Pause’ button for a while, relaxing this fast paced life that I have been leading all along, and jot down what I believe to be the pointers to a blissful life, for my daughter to look upon to. I would like her to treasure those pointers as a cheat-sheet for her life, because I believe, that Life is a Game. But, by the time you familiarize yourself with the rules, you’re too old to play the game! I would like to pass on these rules to my daughter, for the time when I turn too old for this game! :)


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  1. "In simplicity, lies humility. In humility lies greatness." Great lines, Poonam :)

  2. Hope you get to fulfill your wishes before another Tomorrow becomes another Today.

    I am too in the same boat, so wish me luck as well :)

    1. Thanks for the wishes, Alok.
      Wishing the same for you too.
      Keep Visiting. :)


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