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Of PimPLUS And Pure Neem!

All Hail Thy Majesty...

All Hail Thy Majesty...

All Hail Thy Majesty...


Such zealous chants filled the air.

Such spirited chants were being spoken by His subjects.

Such dynamism echoed around.

Such exuberance for their Royalty, brimmed their hearts.


The occasion?

An Anniversary.



The point of celebration was the fact that they had completed an entire fortnight, inhabiting their new township! :)

Their community was unique.

Theirs was a community, which was fast disappearing.

Theirs was a community which was under constant attack.

Someone or the other would attack them within weeks.

Hence, they had to keep relocating.


Having survived for a fortnight in their town meant that they had successfully outdone their previous record.

They had survived a good two weeks opposed to just one, in the past.

It was celebration time for sure!


But, they had to be cautious as well.

For, they couldn't be too sure of having won over their enemies!


So brave were His subjects, that they offered to lay down their lives to protect their Majesty, lest any calamity befell their township!


They were dressed to look their best.

The township had been decked up.

Everything was set.

All potential loopholes had been taken care of, by the King's ministers.

Except for one.

They couldn't have battled one aspect, under any circumstance.



The Weather Gods, of course.

It was cruel of the weather gods to send their cloudy gloom to loom over the joyous celebration.

Very cruel!

A grey hue thus, overshadowed them.

Perplexed, they decided to run for cover.

But in vain.


It was too late before they realized.

The weather had worsened for their township, indeed.

But, they had failed to visualize the bigger picture.


The weather gods were not at fault.

Somebody else was.

Mr. Pure Neem...

It introduced itself thus...


Pure Neem...

Pure Active Neem...

नाम  तो सुना ही होगा?


पिता का नाम...



They were terrified.

They had been attacked once again!

This time, by an enemy, they had been unknown to!

Now was not the time to flee.

They did not have the time to defend themselves either.

They felt trapped.

हमें चारों तरफ से घेर लिए गया है!

They felt that now was the time, when they had a chance, to sacrifice their lives, in order to protect their Emperor's.

हमें राजा साहब की जान बचानी होगी...

किसी भी कीमत पर!

They had to be quick though.

For, Mr. Pure Neem was well - equipped and quicker.

 यहाँ से बचकर कहाँ जाओगे, बाबुमोशाय?

तुम सब अब मेरी गिरफ्त में हो!

It had begun ambushing them already!

Some of them had been trapped.

Others found it suitable to flee to their King.

हमें राजा साहब को बताना होगा कि  हम सब पर हमला हुआ है!


No sooner had they informed their King, that Mr. Pure Neem stepped into the picture.

बड़े - बड़े शहरों में ऐसी छोटी - छोटी बातें होती रहती हैं!

They stood bewildered.

They were set, to be doomed!


Once they had sensed that Neem had steeped in, the Ministers promptly flocked around their Emperor...

Turns out, King PimPLUS had underestimated Mr. Pure Neem.

Opposed to Pure Neem's Tea Tree Oil and Neem Leaf Extract, the Emperor's safety shield was ineffective.

The King's Ministers lost themselves to the power of Pure Neem.

His subjects believed that Pure Neem was an unknown enemy.

He instead, knew Pure Neem very well!

It was because he had been fleeing from Neem all this while.


Now was the time for SHOWDOWN indeed!

For, the scene was much like this...


स्वागत नहीं करोगे आप हमारा? :D

Truly दबंग Style!


Emperor PimPLUS had been gifted the throne because it was the largest among their township, at the time they had relocated recently.

Also, PLUS, apart from denoting its size, also denoted its strength and its stubbornness.

PimPLUS was stubborn.

Also, it was as immovable as a rock.

पत्थर की लकीर नहीं...

PimPLUS पूरा का पूरा पत्थर ही था!


It had escaped and hid itself here as the emperor, along with his subjects, in their township.

It took a good two weeks for Pure Neem to pinpoint their location!

Now was the chance for Pure Neem to teach PimPLUS a lesson!

उसे आज सबक सिखाना ही पड़ेगा!


Pure Neem put in all its power to clear PimPLUS out of its way.

The Emperor was no longer an emperor.

He was a lone entity, at once.

And that lone entity was now finding it difficult to retain his composure.

For, Neem had attacked at the base of his throne, which was no more than a mere seat, now.

It begun by dissolving his throne of dirt, cleansing the oil filled pores, and clearing the mark of his existence, thus hollowing PimPLUS's existence at once.

Neem's power had overwhelmed the so-called monarchy's hollow pride.


PimPLUS का नामो - निशाँ ही मिटा दिया, Garnier Pure Active Neem ने! :D


नाम याद रखना...


Active Neem...


I Am...

Pure Active Neem...


Yours Truly...


Garnier India Have Their Pure Active Range... 
All Set, 'Neem Face Wash' To Bring Change... 
Reaching In Time, Battling The Tiny Red Dots... 
Nullifying Oily Zits, Redness, Irritable Spots... 
Instilling Back, The Self-Confidence, Not Pity... 
Eluding Pimples, Go Rest, Neem Is In This City! 
Reconstructing That Unblemished ME, It Is Neem! 


If you have not guessed already, King PimPLUS's township was my skin, once upon a time.

Also, Garnier Pure Acive Neem acted as the ultimate savior for this damsel in distress, Yours Truly. :)


P.S. : All images and graphics are the blog's copyright and have been created exclusively for this blog-post.

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  1. Nicely expressed in your inimitable style, Poonam :)
    Pimples of so many shapes & sizes nicely portrayed through your images :D
    Best wishes!

    1. These graphics and this photo story was a first for me and my blog.
      I'm glad you liked it.
      Best wishes to you too... :)

  2. Great post...

  3. Such unique post dear and I love it... It's my first time on your blog and I became a fan of yours after reading this post.. :)
    All the best for the contest.

    1. I'm speechless after reading your comment, Arpita.
      I don't know if this post is as nice or nicer than what you've made it feel.
      I'll let the jury from Garnier decide on that.
      Keep Visiting! :D


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