Sunday, 15 February 2015

#UnconditionalLove For My Zenfone!

I'm constantly being vexed by a grave problem in my life since the day I purchased my Zenfone 5, from ASUS. Prior to its arrival, I had only one love in life - my husband. But now, there exists a certain competition. After the Zenfone 5 came into my life, there is a consistent fight within, to ascertain who is more powerful, intelligent, versatile and important for me. This year, it was the first Valentine's day when I had to finally take a call and declare a clear winner.

As is evident, a winner always emerges victorious out of competition. Also, any competition provides us with a set of parameters to ascertain the winner, in true sense. There was a time, when both the competitors decided to put up their best fight and neither was ready to give up and compromise. So, I stepped into the scene with the following parameters:

Timeless Design and Stylish Looks: My Zenfone 5 flaunts a simple yet innovative design, incorporating the iconic concentric circle finish with a certain fine texture, thus lending it a classic look and feel. My Zenfone exudes an unparalleled confidence. The confidence which I miss, in my ex-valentine. I too, was shocked at this revelation, because he has been my valentine since the past two decades! :o


The Metallic Concentric Circle Finish

Immunity Towards Accidental Damage: My Zenfone 5 boasts of a strong defense mechanism as it comes equipped with Corning Glass. Corning Glass provides it a scratch proof surety under any kind of circumstances. There will not be any scratches or accidental screen damages. EVER. On the other hand there is always hue and cry even if there is a minutest of scratch and an emergency like situation is created when it is about my husband. Well, it should be. After all, we are human. Accidents may occur, in all probability. But, what if you get to choose between uncertainty of damage at the time of accident and life-time immunity to accidents? :)

Battery Life: The youthful Zenfone 5 possesses a durable battery and prides on longer battery
life. My husband, on the other hand, tires much faster and needs more rest. The age factor is weighing heavy on him, now.

Responsiveness: The Zenfone 5 delivers unmatched performance, without any compromises, whatsoever. The leader of them all, is embedded into my Zenfone. With Intel Inside, my Zenfone gives me its best. Be it performance or power efficiency. That too, without compromising on battery life. What more could I ask for? :D 
Disappointingly, that is not the case with my husband. More often than not, he is lost in his conference calls and excel sheets. Whenever some housework requires his assistance, I have to bother him multiple times, for it to be done on time! :P

The Striking Display, which switches among screens effortlessly. :)

The ability to see, what others cannot see: The perfect stills are captured. ALWAYS. Thanks to my ASUS Zenfone 5. Its owl-eyed low-light still capturing capability, bowled me over. Have a look at some of its still AND video capturing modes and you'll know what I intend to convey. 
On the other hand, when I look at my husband, he has started looking at the whole world in mundane, black and white. Everything seems to be the same to him, as he lacks the variety in perspective, which my Zenfone does not. 

Some Photo Modes : Night, Low Light, Selfie, Miniature, Depth Of Field, Smart Remove, All Smiles, Beautification, GIF

All Video Modes : Auto, Low Light, Miniature, Time Lapse

So, now you definitely know.

My Zenfone 5 is my ideal Valentine, from now on.

Why shouldn't it be? ;)



This post has been written as a part of Indi Happy Hours' #UnconditionalLove in association with ASUS India and IndiBlogger.

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