Saturday, 24 January 2015

#GoSleek With ASUS India!

Being a working woman, choosing my gadgets carefully, becomes a necessity.

For if I have to stay connected on the go, I can rely on nothing, but the best.

And, gadgets are integral to the Blogger's existence.

For, a blogger must be connected, to the social media, and to her circles, wherever she goes.

You might have to live-tweet, or even live-blog!

You never know...


It's best to be prepared for whatever opportunity strikes.

For, if you grab it when the time remains, you are sure to strike gold.


I must say, ASUS as a brand, has emerged as one of my favorites.

I recently switched to the Zen Phone, and I'm in love with the seemingly infinite, features that it has, to offer.

I've also been looking for a change-over for my Desktop, too.


I believe, this time around too, I'll be falling back to ASUS as my safety cushion of sorts.

I've been eyeing their All In One PC for quite some time now.


First, it has the latest Windows OS, as opposed to my Desktop's somewhat obsolete OS.

Second, it has an inbuilt UPS, to prevent data loss for an entire hour.

Third, it is incredibly fast and responsive.

For a lady on the go, who complains of the paucity of time, for the tasks that flood her 'To Do' list, this feature comes as a breath of fresh air.

When it comes with Intel Inside, there is no point of question.

The device makes a statement, and a very bold statement at that.

Fluidity, smoothness, speed, all coupled with accuracy!

What more could I ask for?

Portability is a HUGE plus point.

So is the fact that this device boasts of the ability to stay perpetually connected!

ASUS's All In One PC ET2040 is my dream gadget! :D


The Innovative Gesture Control comes as a pleasant surprise.

It is a utility for the times when I feel lazy to reach out to the mouse or the keyboard.

अपना हाथ. जगन्नाथ!

In every sense of the phrase, people! :)


It offers me, the desired connectivity, even on the go.

Its USB 3.0 is ultra-fast and offers smart charging...

They say it will also be compatible with all my existent USB 2.0 devices, too...


It also has a built in HDMI - out port, which reinstates the belief that I can, with ease and comfort, connect it to my LCD TV, to edit all my excel sheets, with tons of names and marks filled into them.

Do I hear them saying this?

...We will free you from those tiring, night-long sessions, when you had to stare at those dimly lit screens, for hours at a stretch...

The Head Examiner in me - you're free to rejoice, Lady!

Not only does the ET2040 facilitate comfort while I am at work, but it also ensures that I can maximize the level of entertainment at home, when I'm in a mood to relax.

I can connect this PC to my television.

This also means that I can attach it to my home-theater system for movies on my device, which I wish to watch on my TV instead!


In my humble opinion, ASUS has impressed me once again.

Their All In One PC ET2040 is a work and home integrating device.

It is a family's PC indeed! :)


As for ASUS's other creation, the EeeBook X205TA...

I would probably gift it to my daughter, as it is a complete student's package in itself.

It is compact and lightweight and comes bundled with MS Office 365, which is perfect for her, as college student, for all her assignments.

As far as my choice for home and for replacing my Desktop goes, I'll be happy with the ET2040. :)


P.S. : All images have been taken from the ET2040 product page, on Amazon.

This post has been written as a part of Indi Happy Hours' #GoSleek in association with ASUS India and IndiBlogger. Linking it with their two, most stylish and powerful products - ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040

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