Friday, 9 January 2015

Je Suis Charlie...


It is an age - old adage, and a well proclaimed one, at that.

'The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword'

Let us rephrase that to...

'The Brush Is Mightier Than The Firearms'

The tipping of scales, is very much evident!


Of course, it is the attack on Charlie Hebdo, which has shook the face of humanity, yet again.

Charlie Brown, dismayed.
Symbolic of a baffled Charlie Hebdo.

It is a middle finger to the face of the world.

By them.


Unashamed of all their barbaric deeds.


A bigger middle finger is being shown by the world, too.

In response to these spineless and aimless beings on the face of this earth.

Those who embrace terrorism in the name of a baseless and equally spineless concept of Jihad.

I call them Beings.

Calling them Human Beings, would be outright wrong!

For they've  defied the concept of Humanity, completely!


Human beings are people with a mind, a heart, and a soul.

These beings are devoid of all three.

Mindlessly committing themselves to blindly executing cold-blooded murders.

Heartlessly, proudly and avowedly proclaiming to the world, their heinous acts.

Soullessly, going on and on, to commit such crimes, each ghastlier and remorseless than its immediate predecessor, more often than not.


I fail to understand the driving force behind these killings.

I also fail to understand what instigates them, in the first place.


Particularly for Charlie Hebdo...

When did Humor, become a risky profession, in all seriousness?

The World Has Become So Serious That Humor Is A Risky Profession.


On second thought, the brush is indeed mightier than the firearms.

For a palette and a brush indeed threatened their very ideology.


But they forgot what was elementary...

For one finger that you point at the other person, four of those point at you too.

For one man's ink, that you draw out of his existence, an ocean of ink stands angered, to drown you, in its tsunami.

For yesterday, they were whole.

For today, you broke them.

For tomorrow, they'll rise from their ashes.


And, twice as powerful.


For this is how, your bullets stand a waste.

Your acts have stirred a silent, peaceful stream.

You have created myriad ripples, which won't rest until the impact reaches the masses.


This is what you never anticipated.

This is one crime you'll regret committing.


For art, cannot be killed.

Art cannot be muted.

This ink will never run dry.



In a world which boasts of the right to freedom of speech, all such attempts to curb this freedom, will stir up a quake of activity.

All such attempts, may in all probability, prove to be futile.


It is this diabolical attitude that needs to be laid to rest.

And not some honest expression of opinions.

A thought that rings true...

'He doesn't wish to be avenged!'


Here's something to silence those arms and ammunition.

Grab Your Weapons, Mates!

There lies the power, in a unique point of view, towards all such happenings...

For this is how the masses can retaliate too...


It is the need of the hour to sensitize ourselves towards the vital concept of World Peace.

We must familiarize ourselves with the ideology behind Harmony, and not Hypocrisy.

Je Suis...

Charlie Hebdo, Satirical Weekly, Attacked in Paris...
Headlines Stared Us In Our Face, Piercing Through...
Acts Committed Avowedly, Without A Strong Basis!
Resonating Ambush Onto Free Speech - Out Of Blue!
Liveliness Rising  Like The Phoenix, Truly Invincible...
Imbibing - We Must 'Never Say Die', You Criminal...
Expression Wins Over Hatred Oh! Je Suis Charlie...


P.S. : All images in this post have been credited to the folks at ScoopWhoop.

P.P.S : This blog-post should not be treated as a blatant attack of words, on the perpetrators of this crime.

It is an expression of opinion toward the sorry state of affairs, our present world is entrapped in. 


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