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Tata? Here Comes BOLT!

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The following conversation had been overhead outside a Tata Motors showroom in New Delhi.

We have these two mean machines from under Tata's belt featured in this dialogue, which proceeded as under.

Dated 17 January 2015.


Hey Vista! Howdy Mate?

Hi Zest! I'm good. How about you?

I'm good too, and I've brought some hot news...

Oh! Is it something I'm unknown to?
Tell me more...

We're going to welcome a new member into our family very soon.

Wait. Is it about _ _ _ _?

Do you know about it too?

Well, how could you think I, The Vista wouldn't know about it?

Does it...

Start with a B and end with a T?

No, it doesn't...

Then what does?

It goes much beyond its B's and T's...
Much, MUCH Beyond...

Oh, C'mon!
We are the stalwarts of the family. 
It must prove its mettle to us, first.


Cut-scene to a certain flashy mall in West Delhi.

Pacific Mall, Subhash Nagar.

Dated 18 January 2015.

We hear this catchy tune, playing all along.

They were addressing it as their 'Ringtone'.

We also hear a distant voice bossing over how the atrium of the mall had to be setup for the day.


We'd be having a center-stage setting, here, today.

The podium to the left side corner, the photo-op to the right side, and the main attraction, of the day, bang in the middle.

I need the LCD screens to be wall-mounted and be playing our deliverable, on LOOP.

And, And, AND...

I need a good number of representatives to BOLT around the atrium.

And I need them to be on their toes...


The atrium of the mall, thus sprung into activity at the break of dawn.

For, it had to be a nine-to-nine job!

And, it deserved not to be taken lightly.

Not at any cost.


Ladies & Gentlemen...

Presenting To You...

The One And Only...

I. Me. Myself.

Rendered In Red.

Striking Red.

Stop-Sign Red.


Stop-Sign Red?!

My Red is the stop-sign for all other automobile giants and their so-called 'Finer Than The Finest' state-of-art machines.

For when I arrive, I am going to re-define the universal perception of state-of-art.

So, me and my mates, rule over the wheel!

Show-stopper Smile?

Killer Smile?

Or, Evil Grin...

For my competitors? ;)


I Am...


I am a Premium Hatchback which has stepped into the market, to pose fierce competition for cars of the likes of a certain Swift and an i20.


I heard that my family members, were eagerly waiting for me to prove my mettle.

Before we move on to it, I'm sure you must be waiting to admire me in  my splendor.

Looking Cool?

Good To Go...



I have FIVE features, which set me a notch higher than my predecessors.

Also, I am a step ahead of my contemporaries.

Incidentally, there is a lady going by the name of Mrs. Poonam, who will be gracing the dais alongside Yours Truly.

She has made a statement.

She wants to blog about me!


Can you believe it?

Even before I'm launched, my popularity is soaring across skies! :D

So, I decided to pay her a visit.

At a mall near her.


She might arrive any moment...

I've to get my feature-checklist ready.

Please excuse me, for a few minutes.



Unmatched Performance

Bolt Ahead With An Incredible Power...
Outdistance Others, With 1.2, Revotron!
Lure Them Away With A Multi - Drive...
Turn In On Sport, Eco, Or City - Go On!


A short video clip, showing my tryst with Mr. Narain Kartikeyan at the Tata Motors Research Center, when my Revotron engine was in its developing stages.

You, Revotron, have added the feather of impeccable performance, to my cap. :)

Thanks for bringing about a REVOlution and TRON (Balance) in my life...



Unparalleled Design

Basking In Those Glories - A Smart & Sleek Design...
Ornamenting Myself With An Impressionistic Smile...
Leveraging Those Radial Alloy Wheels, To Go Miles...
Tempting Stylish Divas, With The Flamed Lamp Line...


I boast of Striking, Sporty Exteriors, as I mirror the vibrancy and energy of today's youth.
You'll find my Dynamic Design, balancing my Fantastic Features.


BOLT Promise. :)



Unrivaled Connectivity

Balanced Perspective Is What They Receive...
Orienting My Infotainment System, Superior...
Layering Utility With Voice Command, Believe...
Tune In With Harman's ConnectNext, Clearer...


I assist you as your Personal Navigator, and also aid you with Read-outs on the wheel.

So, you don't worry, Miss.

BOLT, at your command! :)



Unbeaten Comfort

Beating All Competition Out Of All Of Them...
Ousting Them ePAS, Power Assisted Steering!
Lean Away, With Ample Space, Comfort, Ahem!
Think Of First-In-Class Touchscreen Controlling...


You just have to experience my thrill, to believe it, first - hand! :)



Unsurpassed Safety

Belittling The Safety Of All The Existent Machines...
Outscoring Them With My Front-Rear Defogger Lines...
Leaping With An Inbuilt Tyre Pressure Sensor Console!
Translating To The Safest Dual Front Airbags My Soul!


A short video clip, showing my unsurpassed safety standards.

The orange lines on my rear, form for the defogger.

The square - shaped console is my Tyre Pressure Sensor.

The panel on the door houses an auto - lock, and a speed sensing one, at that!

The steering wheel sports a phrase AIRBAG, in order to prevent accidents.


Oh My God!

She's finally here...

Leave space, people!

I am about to get interviewed! ^_^


So, that's how she first glanced at me.

And, let me pinch myself...

For, I was floored by her grace, at once! :)

They say, first impression is the last impression.

Did MY impression, impress the lady in black?

I am sure it did.

How am I SO sure?


She's all smiles, gracing my driver's seat, with my controls in her hand!

Well, if could have been a happier picture, had it not be the haphazard crowd, at that time.

I already told you...

Step Aside, People!

This is a better one.

And, this was her last glance, on our first meeting.

I hope it wasn't my last meeting with her, for sure.

Because, she was one lady who took interest, keenly listened to and jotted down my features.

Automobiles are said to be masculine domains...

Man and Machine, remember?


For Poonam...

She was one alert lady!

And, let me tell you...

She is very well versed with her technicalities on this aspect.

I hope we meet again soon, Poonam! :D

Hopefully, with me gracing your abode...

~ Yours Lovingly
From Tata Motors


She had stepped into the mall, that day, as a lady who loved her car.

She had come in with plans of disposing her automobile, at hand.

She had come in as a prospective client for the BOLT.

 And the BOLT had successfully established itself as an 'Above Par' hatchback, as per her checklist.


Cut-scene to the same Tata Motors showroom.

Once again...

We have these two mean machines from under Tata's belt featured in this dialogue, which proceeded as under.

Dated 22 January 2015.

The day BOLT was launched...


Hey Vista! Howdy Mate?

Hi Zest! I'm good. How about you?

I'm good too, and I've brought some even hotter news...

This has to be about BOLT!
After getting to know of all its superior features, I'm all ears.
Tell me more...

I too, am floored by The BOLT and its state-of-art specs, Vista.

Wait. HERE?
You mean, in this showroom?

Yes, Vista!
Well, how do I not know about it?

I too, did not know about it, Mate.
I overheard some of the staff saying that it would be here, today...

Wait. I too have noticed.
There's something different today.


There's this new space being setup, opposite our podiums.
I bet...

It is for...

*In Unison* 



BOLT has been launched at a starting price of 4.44 Lac, for the Petrol and 5.49 Lac for the Diesel variant, ex - showroom.

Launched in four sleek levels...

XE - The Entry Model

XM - The Medium Model

XMS - The Medium Safety Model, with enhanced safety features from the XM Model

XT - The Top Model, which has been illustrated.



What are you waiting for?

Get. Set. BOLT to your nearest showroom...

Today! :D


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