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These Pearls Are Taking Creative Business By Storm...

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I could never have imagined that imparting education could be such an innovative, involving and interesting foray, until the day I observed a glowing smile on the faces of students I met. The same, pure selfless happiness was to be observed on the faces of the faculty members I met. This is probably the best example of a win-win situation.

The students not only got enough opportunities and liberty to learn and enhance their individual knowledge banks but also, ample innovation and freedom to explore newer and unvisited worlds in their respective fields.

All the credit goes to the teaching methodology and a nurturing environment which has been adopted by them across all the courses, across all their campuses. That is the real reason behind the global reputation of this Academy in the arena of fashion, design, and creativity.

I was among the privileged ones to witness #Portfolio15 - a sea of talent, creativity, innovation, out-of-box thinking, and fun - by polished Pearlites of the well known, Pearl Academy, formerly known as Pearl Academy Of Fashion, organized at the NSIC Exhibition Ground, Okhla, New Delhi.

When we talk of creativity, it is mostly limited, focusing in one direction. For a wonderful change, we witnessed the meaning of creativity going beyond its rudimentary definition. For a change, creativity could be witnessed all around us, universally in all the directions, that day. There were an unmatched energy and zest around, and a superb bonding between the students and the teaching staff.

The moment I reached the venue there were barriers right within the immediate periphery beyond which I was not allowed to take my vehicle. The burning sun had me worried when I realized that from that point on, I would have to walk along the dominating ball of heat. To my relief, the Academy had run a shuttle service for the masses' convenience.

Proclaiming myself as a Blogger and grabbing the exclusive Media Invite was as hassle free as reaching the venue. The moment I entered, I was greeted by the faculty in-charge of the four 'Schools of Pearl'. I was acquainted with a kiosk familiarizing me with the School Of Foundation, meant for the first-year students to grasp the world outside their cocoons, and discover their inherent creativity.

This funky bicycle is what welcomed me into a world of out-of-box designs...

In my opinion, all the Schools are quite interestingly and aptly named, in tune with their theme and strategic grooming of the respective students studying in these schools. It was astonishing to see more than five hundred projects on display by the Final Year students, who were ready to take the Fashion Fraternity by storm. These projects are a part of the proceedings for the fulfillment of the requirements of their course I was told, where they need to put their best foot forward, demonstrating all their skills in a polished and innovative manner.

The first day of a three-day long #Porfolio15  had over fifteen hundred school-going students from around thirty top schools of Delhi - NCR, attending an exclusive series of workshops on 'Design Immersion Experience'.  The students who attended these workshops were quite thrilled to familiarize themselves with this new and unexplored world of creativity and design.

They were seen enjoying the sessions and absorbing the insights with complete enthusiasm. These workshops were conducted in various streams like Product Design, Photography, Styling, and so on. It was the expertise of Pearl Academy that was mesmerizing the visiting students and I am sure most of them would have been thinking of joining this wonderful world once they cope with their school studies. That is the magic of Pearl Academy.

Sneha's tea-set was refreshingly geometric...

This is what the School Of Creative Business had to offer... 

On the same lines, the second day was set to welcome a special guest – Manish Malhotra – as Guest of Honor. He had a number of things planned for the time he was going to spend at #Portfolio15, during the latter half of the day. He had to address the final year students after going through the effort each of them had put in their projects. Pearl's final year students were seen having the time of their life when they got a chance, with not only Manish Malhotra addressing them face-to-face but also to grab a memorabilia - a 'group selfie' with the renowned designer.

The students were assigned groups to walk to the stage and grab their moment with Manish, and all this was in such a disciplined manner that there was not a single moment of chaos or disorganization.

After that, in the evening, there were two fashion shows, one before the Guest of Honor's arrival, and the other, in his presence. Both the shows were fantastic and it was quite good to note that the creativity demonstrated by students had taken him by a pleasant surprise.

 Not only Manish, but also the ace designer duo Shantanu-Nikhil were present at the event and were all praises for this ocean of talent, that has been churning Pearls in the era of Creative Business for over a good two decades! :)

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