Thursday, 14 May 2015

Convenient And Hassle-Free With MyAirtel!

There is this fabulous mobile app, MyAirtel from none other than the telecom giant Airtel to assist you in managing all your requirements and responsibilities related to DTH, mobile – prepaid or postpaid, and broadband services in a very efficient and smart way.

That is not enough, it goes beyond these basic services when we talk of bill payments, recharging of our DTH connections, multiple kinds of tracking and much more.

Out of so many fascinating functionalities housed in MyAirtel and made available if you are told to choose your most favorite three, it becomes quite difficult to do so.

This is because all the features outdo each other in one way or the other and not a single one is less than the other. In fact, the moment you download the app on your smartphone, you will become an instant fan of its GUI (graphical user interface). It is so simple and fast to operate.

If I were to choose my most favorite three features from MyAirtel, they would be these:

1.  Since I am fond of surprises, (pleasant ones, of course) I liked the ‘Airtel Surprises’ feature a lot. The concept is quite fascinating in its own way. Every time when you recharge your DTH, mobile or broadband connection, you are treated as if you are attending a party and at the end of successful execution you receive a return gift which is presented to you in the form of ‘Airtel Surprises’ coupons.

These coupons in turn, can be redeemed against the various options available. You have all the freedom in the world to use these coupons against your transactions in various categories. The wide range of categories - food, entertainment, wellness, online shopping etc. make  And to redeem these coupons you don’t have to compromise with any sub-standard brands. You find yourself spoilt for choice, with names like PVR Cinemas, CCD ( Café Coffee Day), Amazon, Myntra, Ebay, Flipkart, Archies, VLCC and many more such famous brands at your disposal.

2. Since security is a prime concern when we transact online, either via a laptop or a smartphone, MyAirtel comes bundled with inherent Secure Payment Gateways to ensure that each transaction of even the most miniscule value is safeguarded against all kind of online threats and vulnerabilities.

When you recharge your talk time, data, DTH or landline or making bill payments, each transaction adheres to PCI DSS that is, Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards. On your approval, your card details are saved in a secure manner so that when you transact the next time, you don’t need to enter your credit card details again thereby saving a lot of time.

On top of it, you are bound to love the responsive and instinctive interface that provides you a personalized user experience and you will be compelled to feel as if the application is specially designed, keeping your requirements in mind. This makes you feel special and valued as an end-user.

3.  Since I make a lot of online transactions, I need to remember which payments are due on what particular dates and for which of the many services that I am availing. MyAirtel provides me, with a personal assistant that keeps track of all my due payments and timely alerts are provided to me, well before the due date approaches. Not only this, I am now a proactive user of this application as I now set alerts for low balance and low data as per my convenience.

I am in love with the convenience and ease which comes bundled with MyAirtel.
Are you? :)


  1. Beautiful post but seems I miss your usual rhymes here. Well written for Airtel though Poonam :)

    1. Sometimes it's better to break away from monotonicity, Uma.
      I'll bring back the rhyme soon enough, though.
      I'm glad and thankful to you for liking the post.
      Keep Visiting. :)


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