Thursday, 7 May 2015

All About #EkNayiLeague...

There is something in the air with various proximities of guesswork doing the rounds. Some proximities indicate it is going to be a live quiz show, some looking at a real time game show. Well, whatever the guesses are and whichever of them turns into a reality, the fact is that when it is driven by none other than Kapil Dev, the great legend of Indian Cricket, it is going to be a sixer.

As per the information revealed so far by Kapil Dev on various platforms, today is the inauguration of some new adventurous league, #EkNayiLeague in Mumbai and so far it is a big suspense what it is all about.

Kapil Dev has also confirmed that the league members confirmed so far are Mahi (Mahendra Singh Dhoni), Sehwag (Virender Sehwag), Yuvi (Yuvraj Singh) and Bittoo (Kapil Sharma). With this team, one thing is for sure, it is going to be a league of intellect being presented on the idiot box.

It might be a reality show. Kapil will be our host. Which Kapil it would be, is yet to be known. ;)
If it is indeed a reality series, I'd be looking forward to some newness to set it apart from the run-of-mill shows.

Kapil Dev has recently stepped into the buzzing world of Twitter, in the last week of April and has received a very warm welcome from his friends, fans, and followers. His tweets are quite interesting and are a mix of Hindi and English.

He has been able to build quite a rapport and suspense around this new to-be-declared league. The tag line that is being repeatedly focused on is – If you play this league with your heart, you are bound to get hit wicket or bowled out with a googly.

Now that is really a good catch, hinting it to be a mind-boggling game where you make a careless mistake and are out of the game in a flash. Then, the league is not about the power of physical muscles, it means. It is going to be about the power of grey cells, the mental muscles.

We all know, whatever Kapil Dev does, he does with a perfection. Be it batting, bowling, playing golf, commentary or a public address. His personality exhibits a requisite amount of self-discipline, control, intelligence, power and practice.

His achievements are far away from a fluke. Whatever he has earned, he deserved it. His marvelous batting in the Cricket World Cup, 1983 was a master stroke which brought his quick-wittedness and self-control, to the light.

We also know of Kapil Dev’s love for golf. He is a very keen observer, fast learner and a master player in all streams of life. Now, whatever is being planned for this league is going to be a very interesting affair, indeed. Let us wait and watch one of the guess work turns to gold.

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