Tuesday, 11 October 2016

myDaily Meal - Nutrition In A Minute...

myDaily Meal is a perfectly engineered meal replacement shake. It is to save you from skipping meals and eating junk food. Usually we tend to rush for quick bites in our busy schedules. And most of the time it turns out to be junk food.

That is where myDaily Meal comes to play its useful role. The perfectly engineered meal replacement shake provides right amount of nutrients your body needs to function optimally. These nutrients include proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and fibers. It takes care of the proportions as required by your body in one meal. This provides exact nutrition to your body within one minute. The analysis study has been conducted by Four Fountains De-stress Spa team to arrive at this conclusion. The co-founders include Saurabh Gary, Anurag Kedia, and Sunil Rao.

I had a chance to try this product first hand, and I must say that it is as easy to relish and extract benefits from, as it is to prepare it.

“We believe that this is the real food-tech. While most of the players have been working around logistics and delivery, myDaily Meal is working on the real scientific aspect of food to make sure that you get perfect nutrition anytime, anywhere in few seconds. In our busy lives we end up either skipping a meal or eating junk food due to lack of time at least 10-15 times in a month. This positions myDaily as a perfect solution to this urban problem.” says Co-founder and Business Head Saurabh Garg. Saurabh is an IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad Graduate with almost a decade of experience in healthcare with Four Fountains De-stress Spa.

Saurabh explains the beginning of his journey in a very interesting manner. He says, “myDaily started as a project to solve the problem of quick, convenient and healthy meal in our busy urban schedules. As entrepreneurs, we as well as people around us, were struggling to get the right nutrition in our tight schedules. And very quickly we realized that it is a problem faced by people well beyond the start-up world. Almost any working professional in today’s fast paced life has to face this problem multiple times in a week.

There is a perfect science behind myDaily Meal. The whole mechanism is run with the help of a team of formulators. And this team works under the expert guidance of Dr. Ezhil Arasan, an ex-Dr. Reddy’s Research Scientist. Dr. Ezhil is also a consultant with various nutraceutical and nutrition companies, myDaily was formulated.

The single guiding principle was that it should be ‘The Healthiest Meal Possible’ and should replace any meal completely giving entire nutrition as required by the body. It makes you full for the next 4-5 hours till your next meal.”, says Sunil Rao, Co-founder, who is an SPJIMR Alumnus. Sunil has almost a decade of experience in healthcare marketing.

It took more than a year to get the product right.  We started with looking at the entire 334 pages of Recommended Dietary Allowance by Indian Council of Medical Research and doing various analyses to get the nutrition requirements. Then came the lab samples and post tens of iterations and hundreds of tasting sessions we have a product that we are really proud of. Saurabh was very particular that the product should taste great while having perfect nutrition profile.”, says Dr. Ezhil Arasan, the scientific mind behind myDaily.

It is important to understand what does myDaily Meal contains. Each pack of myDaily is the Perfectly Engineered Meal Replacement Shake. It has ¼th of your daily nutrition requirements that includes energy, proteins, carbs, fats, fiber, twelve essential vitamins and thirteen important minerals. There are no added preservatives, artificial colors.

In addition, it is completely trans-fat free. myDaily is made using ingredients of absolutely natural origin. In fact, all the ingredients used in the formula are essential nutrients that our body needs on daily basis. These ingredients are declared safe by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI). And these are free from any side effects.

myDaily Meal comes in a pack of 115g that just needs to be mixed with 350 ml water and the perfect meal is ready in less than 1 min. It is a unique product with perfect nutrition and convenience coming together. It is manufactured at a 3P location in Himachal Pradesh. It meets all stringent quality standards as required for a food product.”, says Anurag Kedia, Co-founder. Anurag is also an IIT Bombay and IIM Ahmedabad graduate.

myDaily has immense growth potential. The market size for skipped meals itself is more than $10 bn in urban India. Apart from it being a business opportunity, we feel that skipping meals is a genuine problem as it leads to various health issues. In the short term we would focus on selling myDaily through all Four Fountains outlets, select modern trade outlets and online through our website and marketplace partners. We would also look at some strategic alliances. We have already started getting enquiries from markets like Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia etc. This is a problem that is a global problem and we feel that we can definitely look at a global brand with myDaily.”, concludes Saurabh.

There are firm plans in place as far as the future is concerned. The firm plans to grow aggressively in the near future in a very systematic manner. It aims to cater to a real problem that affects millions of people everyday across the globe. If you would like to give myDaily Meal a try as I did, please do so at the product's page on Amazon here

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