Thursday, 27 October 2016

'Lighten Up' With Canola Oil, This Diwali...

Diwali is not just about the festive fervor that influences everyone, the lit-up premises, the gifting frenzy, the ethnic wear that everyone roots for, and the traditional connect that calls out.

In a grand way, the festival of lights is also about food - primarily sweets, but also savories. :)

It came as no surprise then, that Canola and Chef Surjan Singh "Jolly" decided to host a Diwali bash for food bloggers and culinary enthusiasts earlier this week at the Indian Women's Press Corps.

Though it is not the first time that my blog is hosting Canola and Chef Jolly, the first tryst with healthy cooking thanks to Canola Oil was in 2014, here.

While Canola Oil was the agenda for the day this time as well, it was supplemented by the festive vibe culminating in a 'Jolly Good Master Class' with delicacies prepared using Canola Oil, decorated with the goodness of authentic अखरोट (Walnut),  नदरू (Lotus Stem) and अन्जीर (Fig) टिक्की and Smoked Chicken cooked in Canola Oil by Chef Jolly and his assistant Chef Vishal. Also, on offer were festive savories from the kitchen such as पनीर टिक्का, शामी कबाब, छोले भठूरे and आलू टिक्की, not to the forget the sweet ending with freshly made जलेबी.

Canola India gave a full-fledged welcome to festive fervor with decked up shamianas, marigold decked trees, Diwali Rangoli and a game of Hoopla for all the attendees.

Canola's neutrality to taste is the attribute that makes it quite suitable for Indian flavors. Thus, Canola gels well with Indian spices. Also, being free of trans fat and cholesterol has made it the third most consumed cooking oil worldwide.

While Chef Jolly applauded the low viscosity, high smoke point and light texture that Canola Oil possesses, thus making it a staple in his kitchen, Mr. Bruce Jowett, Vice President of Market Development, Canola Council of Canada (CCC) was quick to remark that more and more Indian consumers were opting for Canola Oil owing to its versatility, suitability for any cooking technique or cuisine, and its health benefits.

Given the fact that India is burdened with being the host of heart disease and diabetes more than any other illness that plagues the world, Canola is the most well-suited oil of all, to our contemporary urban lifestyle.

Here's wishing my readers an enjoyable and prosperous festive season. If you would, do gift yourself the goodness of Canola Oil and embrace a healthy lifestyle, this Diwali. :)

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