Thursday, 20 October 2016

Bid Adieu To Travel Woes With YuMiGo!

The first round of YuMiGo’s funding closure goes along with the launch of new age travel website. October marks an auspicious festive season in India. And the same rings true for all Indians residing abroad. YuMiGo announced raising $300,000 in its first round of funding on 15 October. The launch of its innovative travel website aims to pacify the pain points of international travelers. Whether you are travelling for the first time or are a frequent traveler, YuMiGo is your best companion to tackle all travel related issues.

The best thing is that it helps you not only while planning but also during the trip. Though there are plenty of websites pitching hotels, flights etc., but those are limited just to providing info on these. No other website takes care of everything before and after, which is still unstructured and unorganized.

Rishabh Sood, co-founder, YuMiGo, says,“I realized how frustrating it gets to plan a trip abroad because a traveler has to engage with multiple service providers for getting a visa done, buying foreign currency or a calling card and figuring out the right travel insurance. We came up with the idea of not just helping out a traveler, but also creating a systematic honest search that will not leave a traveler swindled.”

“While selling flights or hotels, nobody is thinking about the traveler”, adds Pratyush Kukreja, who teams up with Rishabh as co-founder for their second startup together. ”If a business solves more than one pain point for a traveller, it can engage at a deeper level - which translates into increased loyalty, a larger share of traveller’s wallet, higher LTV and lower CAC.” The duo’s sole purpose of launching the company is to fill the wide gap in the online industry. The purpose also embarks making a difference in the travel industry. It is, in fact, about revamping the travel and forex markets. This will probably create a new benchmark in Indian travel industry services.

As a matter of fact the credit of organizing the funding goes to Pooja Bansal, Pratyush’s spouse. She had put them in touch with Hemant Sahni, who is running many businesses and gradually decided to invest an amount of $300,000 in YuMiGo. The overall concept, plans and YuMiGo’s unique positioning was so impressive to make it happen so easily. He finds a tremendous scope in this business. The launch was at Rrala’s Habibi at the MGF Metropolitan Mall. A couple of presentations by the founders were crisply able to ensure highlighting the crux of the matter.

A Demo of Virtual Reality - Try Before You Fly

YuMiGo is fully operational. It offers currency for more than 100 countries all over the world. There are more than 50 voice plus data bundles. These plans are highly flexible to suit every traveler's unique demand. The company also offers travel insurance plans from multiple service providers. In addition, there is a dedicated visa service for all major countries. YuMiGo also plans to launch services related to travel and destination so as to engage traveler offering them an end-to-end solution. There are a number of announcements in the pipeline.

Finally, the team adds, “15th October marks a day of immense historic significance; 8 decades ago on this day, JRD Tata flew India’s first commercial flight. From that one aircraft, it grew to what we know as Air India today. We want to achieve a similar impact on the India’s travel landscape through YuMiGo”.

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