Thursday, 3 July 2014

At The Helm Of Nature...

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I'm Very Much A Nature's Person...

You Could Very Much Say, I'm Nature's Comrade...

In My Own Small Ways. :)


I've Always Believed...

We Are All Manifestations Of Nature...

And, Of Course, We Are, In Our Own Unique Ways!


And, If We Look At It, From A Different Perspective, Altogether...

I Believe, Each One Of Us, Has A Unique Nature Too, Isn't It? :)


I also believe I feel so strongly about Nature because Botany & Zoology were my first love in School and College, maybe? ;)

And, maybe because, in the back of my mind, I experience an adrenaline rush when I get to explore any new plant or animal species when I'm on my travelling spree, or even otherwise?

And, would you believe that half of the Photos in any of my Travel Albums for the Year is devoted to capturing Nature and its pictures! :D

Picture This...

My #JodeyDilonKo Experience has all my Nature-sque Pics taken at the Andaman Islands, 2012.

Now, I haven't yet disclosed, why I'm going all gung-ho about Nature, have I?

It's for Project 365, yet again!!! :D


And, when they asked me, about my first tryst with Nature...

I was purported back in time - picturing myself playing with a Ladybug, or a Snail, or a Butterfly!

Like every other kid, I learned to appreciate the Power, Impact and Beauty of Nature at a very early age.

And, since then, every interaction of mine has been memorable.


The same Garden I grew up, playing in! :)

That reminds me of a Picture Trail, I have, to show to you...

Sunrises & Sunsets Are Always A Delight To Capture!
Enroute Agra.

Yet Another Mustard Field, I Spotted, Enroute Chandigarh!
Rains Are Always A Delight To Watch!

Remember This Fallen Birdie, In My Courtyard, 28 July 2013?
Brought It Back To Life, And Made It Fly Again! ^_^

This Swan Ring, Is Naturally, Made Of A Shell.
Collected In The Sands Of Havelock. :)

Even This Mother's Day Doodle Was Inspired By Nature.


After All, It Is...

Nature, The Bearer And Support Of All Beings, Living, All Alive...
Accommodating Within Its Manifold Existence, Glorious Life-Forms!
Teaching Us The Importance Of Sustenance, To Continually Thrive...
Urges Us, Care For It, As Much As It Does For Us, It Transforms!
Reassuring Us Of Its Infinite, Exquisite Variation, Amazing Bounty...
Enriching Our Tryst With Life - Ours And That - Ones Around Us!

And, as for the choice between The Forest Or The City, I guess I would go with the Beauty Of Forests, Of Nature, Coupled With The Lifestyle Of The City.

Because, Choosing only the Forest Life or only the City Life would be a 'not-so-wise' decision.

In my opinion, it would be Wiser, to opt for The Best Of Both Worlds! ^_^


This post is a part of the WordPress Daily Prompts : 365 Writing Prompts program where the aim is to post at least one post a day based on the day's prompt.

The Prompt for June 30 was a 'Free Prompt' provided to all of us, Guest Authors.

The Prompt is, The Natural World - 'Describe your first memorable experience, exploring and spending time in Nature. Were you in awe? Or were you not impressed? Would you rather spend time in the forest or the city?'

This is my Fifteenth Post as a guest author to Project 365 : We Post Daily!


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