Thursday, 12 December 2013

Spark The Change. Period!

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Spark The Change, O Dear!
Prepare As The Fate Draws Near...
As The Way Ahead Lies Clear...
Resonates The Voice - Change Is In The Air!
King Size? Nah! Live Life Queen's Way!

Truly, There's No Room For Tears...
Hush! Drive Away All Fears!
Entangling & Strangling, All These Years...

Come, Let's Join Hands, In The Flow...
Harness Positive Energies To Put Up A Great Show!
After All, We Are Not Caged - Let All, This Fact, Know...
Now, Above All Bondage, Make Your Reach Throw!
Gather All Strength, Seeds Of Change, Let's Sow...
Engaging, Enthralling, All Limitations, Let's Outgrow!

The day came.
That, which every mother has to face.
That, when her teenage - daughter comes to her with a mix of emotions - bewildered & slender-ly frightened on facing a new change in her body and her life, as well.

Yes, you got it right!
Her Menarche Day.

Frankly speaking, the mother is also at crossroads and takes times to come at terms - to explain to her to take this change in its own stride...

So Was I.
This circumstance made me rewind the reel - go into flashback...

The same day of my life...
But, thanks to the 'new - gen' environment, the freshness of today's times have 'Sparked A Change' towards a Healthy Womanhood.

In our times, it was so difficult to understand the ABC's of this concept but thanks to the 'not so hush - hush' orientations included in the school curriculum about Anatomy & Physiology Of The Human Body which prepares a child-like mind, body and even the soul to deal sportingly with the Change.
The role of School Counselors in the school system is commendable.

Then, to deal with the situation was also a near - Herculean task in the bygone era.
To employ cloth or cotton was extremely unhygienic.
The girls were forced to stay behind closed doors - at home - in fear of staining and hence were devoid of even accomplishing daily chores with ease.

'Those five days were the harbinger of Bondage' - like caging a free bird.

However, Now Is Better.
The times have changed for the better...

Thanks to a hygienic and dependable option of the like of Stayfree, girls no more worry about 'those' days.
They no more fear staining their image, in society anymore.

Periods Are No More Taboo! Period.

Stayfree has indeed initiated the spark for the chain reaction of changes in the lives of women in India.
Living upto its name, Stayfree has indeed encouraged women to Stay Free - to let go of all bondage, snide remarks and the 'hush - hush affair' of Puberty as well.

Even Sanitary Napkins Come With Wings, Don't They?

This post has been written as a part of  'Stay Free & Healthy Day' Contest here.


  1. exactly, periods are no more taboo! period. all the best for the contest!

  2. Thank God the times have changed!
    Good entry! All the best!

  3. It's a modern era and we need not feel conscious about something that's natural...It's time to open up and live a life of pride...

    1. True, Soham.
      That's why it's time to let go of the taboo.
      Thanks for the visit.
      Keep Visiting. :)

  4. Wonderfully expressed, Poonam!
    Apt thoughts & ideas. Let's spark the change.
    This looks like a Winner!
    Best wishes for the contest. :)

    1. That is a HUGE Compliment, Anita!
      The statement coming from you, means a lot!
      Keep Visiting! :)

    2. I mean it! Heartfelt :)
      Please do write a winning story for the PASS tag too soon :)
      Looking forward to see it!

    3. Thanks again, Anita!
      Will have to put my grey cells to serious work for PASS, expect it at maximum by day after tomorrow. :)


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