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~*The Techno Tales Of Len & Ovo!*~

'Going On Air In...

5... 4... 3... 2... 1...


This was the director's third and final call for the presenters of 
'A Tablet To Cure Your Techno Illness!' - A Special Segment On 'The Techilicious' - to take charge of their segment...



Where Are You?!"

Their Personal Assistant Went Berserk Searching For Them.

Apparently, The Pair Had Vanished Somewhere, Maybe Into Thin Air?
Pursuing Their Geminian Liveliness, Impulsiveness & Hyperactivity To Come To Rest
Was A Herculean Task!

Yes, You Heard It, Or Probably Read It, Right!

Len-Ovo - The Geminians!
Len-Ovo - The 25 Year Old Twins!


Just like the two Alter - Egos to a person, positive and negative,
Len & Ovo were tech-savvy alter - egos to their mother's gadget - loving personality.

Just that Len was the 'Legendary' one, Ovo being the 'Novel' one.


And, being true to their sun sign, no one, NO ONE could beat them at Talking!
Intellectual Talking, That...
Since they love to collect information, and technology is their passion, they took up Tablet Computers, as a topic for Research!

So, We See, They End Up On T.V.!


So, I'll let Len-Ovo and Me do the talking, here...
Sit back and enjoy, Fellas!


"Oh! We See What A Long Word Trail You've Spun Behind Us!

Come On, Miss!

Tell Us What You Want Us To Talk About & You'll Get The Ideas Flowing!"

"Is That So, Len?
 Is That So, Ovo?

You Have A Segment On Tablets, Don't You?
Go Gung - Ho About Tablets, Don't You?

Which Tablet Do You People Possess?"

"Madam, Do you think we were named Len-Ovo, hypothetically?
Certainly Not, Agree Ovo?"

"Yup Len, Bang On!
Now, Do I Or Do You Go Into Flashback?"

"Let us do the honor, Soul - Bro!
So, Miss...
It Goes Like This!"

"Yeah, Carry On, Another Of Their Hobbies - Breaking Into Song - Flashback!
Go On Kiddo!"

"The Story Behind The Naming Of Len-Ovo...
Lies In Passion, Towards Technology, No?
It All Began In The Womb, You Know!
Well, Our Mother's Gung - Ho About Lenovo!

Oh! Not We, The Twins...
It's About The One In Technology's Skins!
The Tech Giant Lenovo Is Where The Needle Spins...
And It's How The Umbilical Cord Manages Wins!"

But Naturally, True To Our Names, We Possess A Lenovo!


"A Nice Rhyme, You Put Up There, Boys!
What If You Respond To All My Questions, Sing-Song?"

"We're Up For The Challenge, Miss!
More Power To Len-Ovo's 'Sing Song'!"


"The Flashback Was Quite Enlightening, Boys!
Now, If I May Urge You To Return To The Present?


What Is Life Like With A Lenovo Tab?
If I May Be Informed?"

"Madam Wants To Know About 'The Chronicles Of 'Tablet-Town', Doesn't She?
Let's Get To Work, Bro!

Once Upon A Time,
In The Home - Made Tablet - Town...

There Lived An Old Madame
With Her Notorious Twins Around...

And For Relaxing,
They Had A Tablet Buddy...

Which She Used For Loud Voice Calling,
While They Used For Hours Of Long Study!

Occasional Gaming And Chatting Were Most Welcome...
Facilitating Them To Enjoy, Communicate With Nears & Dears!

Everyday Connectivity Was Easily Established...
Webcam Conversations Simplified At Ease!

With An Elephant - Like Memory,
The Boys' Corporate Circle Expanded...

And Whenever They Needed Urgent Scheduling...
Or Even Outings For That Sake...

They Had The App - Store...
Offering An Efficient Service!"


"Well Done Gentlemen!
Your Rhyming Duple Complements One Another
As Do Your Personalities!"


"Apparently, Lenovo Is Your Favorite - I'm sure of that by now...
And, you must'must have got to the Yoga Tablet by now?"

"Is It?
Did we miss some important developments?
Oh! How could we? How!

Oh Miss!
Please give us the details...
Such an important product...
How could we afford to miss?"

"What kind of techno - fanatics are you, Len, Ovo?
This makes me doubt your passion!"


"No! It Is Not So, Madam!
Please be kind enough to enlighten us!"

"Only If You Say So, Kiddos!

The Yoga Tablet Is The First Of Its Kind....
A Unique One, Conceptualized To Revolutionize!

The One To Introduce A Better Way...
To Bring About Improvements In...
'The Four Fortunate Factors"...

Ease Of View
Ease Of Placement
Ease In Tilting
Optimum Utilization Of Battery Life

It's One Tablet That "Stands Out" In The Sea Of Monotonic Sameness...

Tablet Enthusiasts, Are You?
And, I Know Their Latest Innovation Better Than You!

Guys, It's A One Of Its Kind - Multi Mode Tablet!

It's Such Rock Strong...

Hold It
Tilt It
It Even Takes A Stand For Itself!

That's Why The Name 'Yoga'!
See, Its Modes Are Its Postures!

Just like we have the Yogic Postures...
The Likes Of Bhujangasana, Kamalasana, Padmasana, Ardhchandrasana...

Learn To Draw Parallels In Life, Boys...
Even Technology Takes Its Ideas From Practicality!

All In All, A Better Way Is Here To Change The Face Of Technology!

Your Lenovo Is Living Up To Its Motto - It Is For Those Who DO!


"So Many Pointers To A Comfortable Lifestyle!
It's How An Ideal Tablet Should Be!

What Say Len?
Cent Per Cent, Ovo!"


"Twinsy Daisy, Boys!
Since You've Sparked The Mention Of Ideal

May I Have The Honor Of Asking...

What's Your Idea Of An Ideal Tablet?"

"Ideal, You Say, Miss?

We Ourselves Are Working On Devising A Revolutionary Tab!
Are We Not, Ovo?
Aye Aye, Len!

It Seems 'Yoga' Will Be A Tough Nut To Crack!

Refrain From Making Morale Lowering Statements, Pessimistic Len!
Learn Some Optimism From Your 'Partner - In - Project' Ovo!

See, some revolutions are still in the fray which the tech giant has overlooked...
But We, Len-Ovo Will Not..."

"Don't Make False Claims, Ovo!
Spring Into Action, Be A DOER!"

"Yes, Sure Madam, I've Such Ideas Which Will Leave You Floored!

~Magneto - Levi Tab~

This one will auto - activate a levitation shield, to prevent damage from Falling, much like space levitation in the absence of Gravity!

 ~More Power To The Sun God!~

This feature will enable solar charging to optimize the power of Tablet-ing to its peak.

~Safer & More Secure Personalisation~

Finger Scan, Retina Scan & The Likes Of Personal Identification are there in Security Systems of the world...
Why not implement it to Safer, Dynamic Computing?

~Child Friendly Tabs~

This one is a feature solely attributed to intellect of the Developer...
Child safety locks installed in homes, child safety locks in automobiles...
Why not develop child locks for gadgets?

~Speech Decoding~

Another factor here is speech recognition, the basic idea being Artificial Intelligence of The Fifth Gen Tech Gadgets!"


"Boys, Bid Me Adieu
This discussion is taking a toll on my thought process...
I knew about this tech gadget...

But, You've Possessed The Far - Sighted To Attempt Or Even Conceptualize A Revolution In The True Sense Of The Word!

Best Wishes For A Brand New Revolutionizing Innovation In  This Tech Savvy World!"


This post is written as a part of the 'Better Way' Contest On IndiBlogger In Association With Lenovo India.
You can vote for it here.



  1. Wow, Poonam. 10/10 for creativity. All the best for the contest.

  2. Very creative post... and the cursive font adds to the charm...

    1. The cursive font is there, since the beginning.
      Thanks for the appreciation!
      Keep Visiting. :)

  3. Very interesting blog post ;) All the best :)

  4. What an out-of-box take on the contest prompt. Love the title. Good luck!

    1. Thanks A Lot, Saru!
      Fingers Crossed!
      Keep Visiting. :)

  5. Love the post and the ideas for 'your ideal tablet'! And did you say solar charging?? Same pinch! Best wishes for the contest!

    The Arts & Me

    1. Thanks for the appreciation and same pinch!
      Best Wishes to you too, Sindhu!
      Keep Visiting. :)

  6. whacky alright! good luck! :) :))

    Do visit my blog some time...

    1. Thanks for the wishes, YummyMummy!
      Will sure leave a footstep on your blog too...
      Keep Visiting. :)


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