Sunday, 21 April 2013

Shame Shame Shame To The Power Infinity

Another brutal rape case in Delhi - this time a small kid of five years brutally raped. She is suffering from severe pains for no fault of hers.
Girl, is she just an object? A toy to be used by boys/men and then shredded to pieces. This is neither brutalilty nor barbaric animalism. That is too mild a word for them. These male members of the society are much worst than the animals. Animals are much better than them. Even they don't treat their females like this.
High time to control it - by the police or by the society? For getting the solution to the disease, it's cause is to be identified. Who are these Bas***ds who don't think twice before performing these acts. Why are they governed by their physical instincts and not by their hearts or brains?
The root cause lies in their upbringing. In our country boys are treated differently right from their childhood. They can abuse, smoke, drink, flirt, eavetease, spend days and nights loitering around the lanes doing any cheap acts. Even their mothers don't stop them. I think mothers, being ladies, who in their teens would have experienced eveteasing etc. must foresee these bahavioral patterns of their boys and should nip it in the bud. Mother should teach her son to respect girls. The approach of Indian mothers to overlook the bad behavior of their sons must be changed. She should not just teach her girl to protect herself from the boys by being at home but also guide her son to protect and respect girls other than his sisters.
At times even wives shelter their husbands for their misdeeds under social pressure. Like in this rape case of "Gudiya" the culprit Manoj is a habitual rapist. He raped his now wife before marriage and married her just because of Panchayat's pressure and to avoid imprisonment. And now when he got the chance, he did the shameful act again rather in a much brutal manner. But still his wife is protecting him. Isn't she doing a much wrongful act? She should rather stand for "Gudiya" and let Manoj get the severest punishment.
A strong message should be sent to these criminals through stricter laws that they can't escape the outcome in the form of just few years of imprisonment. The only solution is chemical castration if not the death sentence. Nothing less than this is acceptable.
So many rape cases are reported daily now a days and many remain unreported - many are by known people which indicates the sick mentality of these males. No counseling works for them (as happened in many serial rapist's cases reported) as they don't that their senses govern their body.
A complete overhaul of the upbringing of the boys in the society is the call of the day.
Amen... Hope for a protective future for the girls in India...

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