Friday, 26 April 2013

Educational Reforms: A Different Perspective

RTE (Right To Education) a pretty good initiating step for the society where so many children are illiterate either because of the economic condition of their parents or due to the lack of awareness. Many a times parents in remote areas, villages, slums etc. force their children to follow their footsteps and do labor which they have been doing to earn their livelihood. Even if the child wants to study like other children, he/ she is rebuked and is left for child labor. Parents should be guided about the importance of education in their ward's life. They must accept the fact that educated children will earn more money and respect for them.
Yes, a good step to provide children with money which goes directly in their bank account through the school, so that they can buy books, stationery, uniform, bag, water bottle etc. It has encouraged the parents to send their wards to the school. But even after all the steps being taken, private schools are not adhering to their EWS (economically weaker section) quota properly. If ministers can keep corruption apart, a solution can be found to all these prevailing problems in our nation. The private schools should be penalized that if they don't want to give admission to EWS children, they should pay the actual land price on which the school building is built which they got at very concessional rates.

Probably this way schools will happily take EWS students and will not burden other children's parents to compensate the so called loss of theirs.

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