Friday, 26 April 2013

Recipe Marvels From The Kitchen

When fire was invented by man, he started cooking his food. A long journey began from simple methods of cooking to the latest varieties of culinary skills, national and international. Obviously, many a times lots of inventions would have occured by chance or by hit and trial methods.
Now a days so many international cuisines like Chinese, Italian, Continental etc. are Indianized to cater to the tastes of our people. Basic recipe remains the same but our own 'desi tadka' is added to savour our taste buds.
Last Sunday I also thought of creating such tributary from one main method. Many people make desi ghee from cream at home. Cream boils and simmers at low flame for quite some time. We need to keep on stirring it so that it doesn't get burnt at the bottom of the kadahi. Once ghee starts floating on the top, we let it simmer for few more minutes so that ghee is properly cooked and can be kept for few months without getting spoilt with fungus. Then ghee is strained and kept in glass bottle.
All is well till this step. But most of the ladies don't know what to do with the leftover material in the kadahi. I asked my friends too. Most of them said that they just throw it away as nothing can be made out of it. But I didn't want to throw the edible. So I thought of utilizing it and tried my hands at preparing some dishes out of it.
First of all I stuffed the matter in the dough and prepared paranthas. They were so soft and yummy. But I couldn't keep it for more days as it started getting spoilt. Hence I thought of making another dish with it. I added wheat flour and sugar to it and kept on roasting it for quite some time. Then I added dry fruits in it. Wow! my Panjiri was ready and it was yummy. This encouraged me to think of another recipe and I did!
Next time I made Besan Barfi out of this matter. I added roasted besan to the stuff and roasted it for few more minutes. Then I added sugar and cut dry fruits in it. After some time I took it off the flame and poured the batter in a thali. I gathered it in the shape of a square and then put cut marks in the shape of small square pieces. I kept one almond on each piece. I left it for some hours for it to harden. Then I separated the barfi pieces from those cuts. My besan barfi was ready which was quite different from the run of the mill besan barfi available at the sweet shops. Everyone in the family relished the different taste.
I was really happy that instead of throwing away a really nourishing stuff containing pure desi ghee, I innovated three dishes out of it and relished them too.

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