Friday, 26 April 2013

Making CCE A Successful Venture

Evaluation in CCE pattern of education can be successful if teachers, students and board work hand in hand. Students should take interest in developing the material with their creativity and not just for the sake of completing the work to get the grades. Teachers should guide the students properly to fulfill their ambition. Board must give due weightage to the efforts of both the teachers and the students.
The Board is washing its hands by saying that they are observing the material from the schools but that is senseless too. Trust should be on the teacher that he/ she knows better to develop various skills of the child which differs from child to child. Prescribed co-scholastic indicators are too theoretic to be true for all the children from all the sections of the society. How can we judge all the children with the same perspective? Teacher is bound to mechanically provide them grades arbitrarily even if the traits are not fair enough for his/ her group of children.
In today's scenario actually children have started idling their time and teacher has to do the work like a clerk that is keep on collecting files and keep the record of the data all the time which takes a lot of time at his/ her teaching part. If the practical learning is the motive, then Gurukul system is to be followed to the extent that the teacher doesn't need boundary specific parameters to be followed for his/ her children.

Similarly the new changes proposes at the university level seems to be a bit raw. There is a lot of gap in thinking of students, lecturers and administration. I just hope that the governing body has done a lot of home work and study on all the reforms they want to bring so that it does not mar the future of the younger generation.

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