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Fine Gastronomy At Boombox Brewstreet...

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Boombox Brewstreet is one of the many breweries that have set base in the dynamic Sector 29 Market in Gurgaon. What sets it apart is the element of music thrown into its conception.

Located opposite Ministry of Beer in the same market, and situated on the first floor, Boombox Brewstreet is all things music, and that is made evident by not just the decor but by the nomenclature of dishes in the menu as well.

From the life-size radio in the stairway to the cassette shaped entrance, to the vibrant DJ Console to the headphone bearing skull made with electrical components, Boombox aces the decor. As for the ambiance, it is moderately lit, and the seating is a mix of chairs and plush sofas.

As for the food, there is considerable variety and each dish is made to resemble a catchy tune as far as the jargon is concerned.

Some of the dishes have an element of molecular gastronomy and the same is signified through a tiny atom made alongside each dish's name on the menu.

Here's what I would say are the must try items at Boombox Brewstreet.


Sweet Child of Mine

Cheap Like Thrills

Citrus Cyrus


Baby Corn Ka B'Day Bash as the name suggests, was about crispy baby corn tossed with greens.

Hoton Pe Bas Tera Naam Hai is Boombox's take on Chettinad Chicken, with curry leaves and coconut foam.

Something Is Fishy had an element of molecular gastronomy in its making with grilled fish on a bed of minced tomatoes and black gravels going well with honey and khus caviar and mustard greens.

Main Course:

Ho Gayi Teri Balle Balle Pizza had Paneer Tikka, bell peppers, onion, and Makhni Mayo going into its making.

Promo Mix Pasta was a mix sauce Penne Pasta.

Bay of Biryani was one of their popular Indian preparations and had well-cooked rice garnished with cashew nuts.


Ye Daulat Bhi Le Lo, Ye Shauharat Bhi Le Lo is Boombox's take on Delhi-6's iconic Daulat Ki Chaat served on a bulb of fuming liquid nitrogen, with rose petals as a garnish.

The only other place where I happened to savor this famous sweet delicacy was at Too Indian.

All in all, Boombox Brewstreet comes across as a nice stopover for some innovatively plated dishes and a musical ambiance.

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