Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Indulging In #Yougraphy With Canvera...

With smartphones being equipped with high-end cameras, clicking pictures has become everybody’s favorite hobby. Be it at a birthday party, a wedding or a vacation, the trend of taking selfies and quirky, cool pictures has found favor with everyone from college-goers to tech-savvy grandparents.

At the beck and call of a single click, each capture becomes a new addition to the Gallery of the smartphone. But, where have we got lost in the sojourn of getting the digital photographs from a camera reel or point and shoot converted into a much-loved photo album that had an element of surprise working in its favor at the first glance? What about making these smartphone captures morph into memories to cherish forever?

I do not particularly like the idea of so many heart-warming clicks just being stored on a digital medium, forgotten over time, and not adorning a rightful place at home, and I had a chance to rejoice earlier this month, thanks to Canvera, which is a domain expert in photo book printing in India

Canvera, in association with HP as their technology partner, has launched its #Yougraphy range, to turn magnificent photos into prints with some unique products & accessories.

A place full of photos printed on fine art canvases, framed posters and prints hung up on ethnic jute ropes with metal clips and the option of ordering all of this on an easy online platform with just a few clicks. Sounds too good to be true?

That’s exactly what I experienced at an event held earlier this month. Canvera announced a unique code for each attendee and asked us to browse and order #Yougraphy products like prints, posters, canvases, photo books & share books through their website. There was also witnessed a live demo of the unveiling and usage of products and a selfie booth was set up, where we clicked pictures with interesting themes and backgrounds.

Canvera has deployed HP’s state of the art Indigo Digital Press technology that has revolutionized the Indian photo book industry by, surpassing the conventional technologies on double side printing, variety, speed, quality, and cost. The non-tearable & weatherproof printing provide the consumers the much need longevity of their memories.

I ordered some of the posters, prints, and Youbooks featured on the Canvera website of our vacations to Andamans, Goa, and some celebrity features over the past two years and was mighty impressed with the on-time delivery, classic packaging, and immaculate finish of the products, both inside and out. :)

As a customer, the choices I had in terms of print quality (namely Glossy, Matte, or Scuff-free Velvet), the size of individual prints, the number of pages in a Youbook, choice of cover (hard or soft) and the variety of custom themes for each Youbook was overwhelming. Also, upon uploading each photograph, Canvera's mechanism was able to alert me if it was a low resolution and required a smaller print size to preserve resolution.

With all the products being manufactured in Canvera’s in-house production facility in Bengaluru, I was also impressed when the products reached me in a span of five days.

Having tried their products for once, I vouch for their quality and service standards and am sure that I'll keep returning to Canvera for framing my memories in print. :)

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