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Vintage Hues At The G.T. Road...

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The Grand Trunk Road or GT Road for short is one of Asia's most iconic and longest major roads. The route that existed during the reign of the Mauryan Empire has linked South Asia with Central Asia. It runs across four countries (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan) and spans major landmarks of Chittagong, Howrah, Delhi, Amritsar, Lahore, Peshawar, and Kabul.

Borrowing from the concept of this roadway that is still in modern-day use for transportation in present-day India and Pakistan, Bright Hospitality has come up with the newest brand in their kitty, catering to buffet family dining that offers a spoilt-for-choice variety to patrons at economical price points, thus establishing themselves at market-competitive prices.

With classic vintage decor boasting of rifles, coins, lanterns, and archaic utensils, that iconic car (aptly christened 'High Maintenance Old Lady') on the welcome aisle against the backdrop of a multitude of city names on the wall, monochrome photographs of the pre-Independence era, spacious seating spanning across two identical floors, and prompt service, GT Road offers an aesthetic breakthrough in the F&B space.

A 'Menu of The Day' is consciously placed on the table each of which features an on-table grill accompanied by dips (say, tomato-garlic, coconut, mint) and standalone appetizers which borrow from specialties of regions lying on the 2,500 km motorable stretch.

As for the Main Course and Desserts, both boast of a concerted Indian buffet spread, and no-nonsense of unnecessary fusion of cuisines. GT Road as a restaurant caters solely to the delectable spread offered by the countries that the road spans along.

At GT Road, they also have a variety of 'मुरब्बा', pickle, and digestive candies to soothe the appetite.

As for the welcome drink, Shikanji was served, and Indian Chaat items were prepared by Chef on a live counter and served as bite-sized portions.

A special mention for the Desserts, for which the heart goes out. Even the ice-cream flavors borrowed from the authentic date and fig flavors that are commonplace in Afghanistan.

Mocktails, on the other hand, are christened as 'जाम-ए-खास' and are curated as per individual liking, in accordance with the pre-set Menu.

A variety of mouth-fresheners, digestive candies, and पान are also customarily presented on completion of the meal.

As I could see on my visit, The GT Road in the heart of Connaught Place is already one of the most popular among families, and I wish that it continues to be so. :)

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