Friday, 16 June 2017

Mango Mania At Farzi Cafe...

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Summers are synonymous to the King of Fruits, i.e. Mangoes, and it comes as no surprises that many brands in the F&B space come up with seasonal menus celebrating the flavor and versatility of the fruit.

One such seasonal menu that is ongoing till this month's end and has been titled 'Mango Mania' is by Farzi Cafe across all its outlets.

I had planned a visit to Farzi Cafe last month, at the beginning of the festival to relish the mango oriented delicacies that they had to offer under the umbrella of the Mango Mania Festival.

As mango is a favorite for many including myself, I decided to figure out the variations that mango has been put through for the ongoing festival at Farzi.

Here's some of the 'mangolicious' delicacies you could choose to treat yourself to, the next time you visit Farzi Cafe.


Roasted Fish Tacos with Shredded Greens and Mango Salsa had an aesthetic presentation complete with pomegranate and microgreen garnish. One of the great dishes that we had.

Raw Mango and Mushroom Kulchas were the right kind of crisp on the outside and melt-in-mouth on the inside.

Tandoori River Sole had a unique flavor working in its favor, as the chargrilled fish was served alongside raw mango dip and Popped Amaranth grain.

Spiced Chicken Balls had the most aesthetic presentation on that platter coupled with a pleasant lingering taste on the palate.

Green Mango and Raw Papaya Salad was served with a dash of tamarind and garnish of peanuts.

Ginger and Aam Papad Prawns made for an interesting pair of core ingredients, and that made the dish turn out well.

Main Course: 

Both the dishes were prepared in a fantastic manner.

Andhra Fish Curry, Raw Mango and Steamed Rice

Pan Tossed Aubergines and Asparagus, Cherry Tomatoes and Mango Masala


As always, Farzi wins it with their wonderful desserts that are a gift for the eyes as well as for the appetite. 

Vanilla Pod Cheese Cake served along with Aam Ras 

Mango & White Chocolate Popsicle 

All in all, I'm quite impressed by the way the Mango Mania Festival at Farzi Cafe panned out for me and am surely going to go back for my favorites once before the festival closes. :)

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