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Going Gaga Over Lady Baga...

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Delhi is like a greenhouse in this sweltering heat. What is needed is an escapade to a cooler place. Snow-capped mountains would do best. Beaches would do fine too.

How about a culinary getaway to Goa in the heart of the capital city? Yes, that's right. One of the fairly new entrants to the food scene in Connaught Place is Lady Baga, named after one of the most popular beaches of North Goa, i.e. Baga Beach.

My visit to Lady Baga came about as a consequence of a shopping spree culminating in Lunch. And, must I admit that Lady Baga successfully emulates the life and times of Goan folk in more aspects than one.

If you're a fan of old Bollywood movies, you'll instantly be reminded of the classic rendition of Dum Maaro Dum picturized on Zeenat Aman once you step into the outlet. The ambiance is set aflutter with vibrant hues. Apart from a Karaoke 'Sunday' Shack, the restaurant is designed in two parts - one with normal indoor seating and the other with a sand-filled floor and recliner seats against a screen displaying a Goan beach.

The Menu also sports a Glossary for all the Goan terms and nomenclature that are explained in simple English to a layman.

Here's what all we had on our recent visit to Lady Baga...


Lady Baga Bubbly was a Bubble Iced Tea concoction of apple juice, tea, and orange jelly.

Hey, Fonzie! was a delightful combination of Alphonso, Khus, and Vanilla Cream.

Maiden's Prayer was a raspberry-based drink.


Crunchy Crepes were deep-fried and stuffed with assorted veggies, served with in-house dips.

Fantastic Fish Rava Fry

Popular Prawns with Butter Garlic Sauce

Crazy Calamari with Rechado Masala

Main Course: 

Goan Red Rice

Prawns with Love and Surmai with Love were both Chef's special recipes.

Prawn Pulao was a Portuguese preparation served right.

Paneer Vindaloo was a Chef's special, and vegetarian counterpart of Pork Vindaloo.


Cocoa Cabana was served in a tall glass - brownie, gems, and rice crisps topped with two scoops of ice-cream.

Brownie with Ice-cream

All in all, Lady Baga is the go-to-place for if you are lamenting a last-minute cancellation of that long-awaited Goa trip with friends, or even if you're wanting to relish authentic Goan delicacies in the heart of the city. :)

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