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Aesthetic Delicacies At Too Indian...

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Aesthetics in modern food, a reminisce of childhood, an artistic in-house herb garden, modernist chic interiors, and retail therapy. That's what the newest brainchild of Mr. Varun Puri, Too Indian is all about. 

After the success of Imly, Varun is here with an indigenous concept of the best of two worlds - Food and Retail, in the form of Too Indian. Given its prime location in the heart of Rajouri Garden and a knack for presenting Indian delicacies with a twist that pleases the eye, Too Indian is here to stay and impress big time. 

Having had a fantastic launch, the news of which spread through ace critic Marryam H Reshii's testimonial of 'Love at first sight', I knew I had to visit Too Indian to witness their gastronomical theatrics soon enough, with them having arrived in my immediate vicinity. 

I thus visited Too Indian yesterday for lunch and it was almost a full house. The decor is interesting with vibrant elephants, stained glass windows, leafy lampshades, a proclamation of being second best to 'माँ का खाना' and a futuristic retail section in the heart of the restaurant. 

There are multiple surprise elements in the aesthetics all through the meal, and it's best to play along but the Mango Sorbet that is staged on a Ferris Wheel tops it all. :)

Coming to what would be my recommended dishes from their menu when you visit Too Indian... 


Nutella Shake 

This one was served in an actual Nutella Jar too. :) 

Honey Bunny Delight Shake 


Top Trending Quinoa Salad wherein the Top Trending finds its way in the name owing to the growing popularity of Quinoa as a healthier grain. This one was finished with apple, citrus, lettuce, and beetroot on the side. 


Is This Dahi Bhalla? is the first question that must pop in anyone's mind on seeing the plating of the dish with three distinct yogurt flavors topped with potato savories. 

Painter's Canvas quite literally with fried fish atop paintbrushes accompanied by five distinct dips on a palette. 

Indo-Persian Kebab served in an archaic book platter with a tiny table lamp and clothespin on each Rumali Roti. 

Here Is Something To 'Taco' About of course, with cone-shaped tacos in cutesy cookers filled with raw rice grains. 

Main Course: 

Dal Khao Suey was a flavorful fusion of Indian and Burmese cuisines. 

Home Style Chicken was all about soft chicken chunks in a delicious gravy. 

Paneer Makhanwala was crisp yet melt-in-mouth and went well along with the bread. 

Quinoa Kathal Biryani was another specialty coming from Too Indian, combining two healthy alternatives - Jackfruit and Quinoa. It was served in the form of a quintessential Tiffin complete with Raita and Salad. 

Khameeri Roti is puffed using yeast, hence 'खमीरी' and was soft as a furball. 

Chur Chur Naan was the classic Amritsari flatbread that had been literally crumbled to pieces. It was a crispy delight. 

Daulat Ki Chaat is the iconic Delhi-6 winter dessert that has been replicated to the tee, here at Too Indian. 

Milk Cake Pie had an interesting presentation with chocolate tree branches and a liberal topping of condensed milk syrup. 

Coming to the Retail section which is Too Indian's USP, as they have incorporated something pathbreaking in the F&B industry, it is a genuine curation of items that may interest the average Indian shopper. 

Items have been arranged in sections like Food Items ranging from Candy to Oil-Free Pickles to Cookies to Ghee to Spices to Jams and Preserves to Savory Snacks like Fryums, Granola, and Lotus Seeds, Home Decor ranging from Vases to Photo Frames and Statuettes, Kitchenware like Mugs, Sippers. Jugs and Bottles, Toys like Minions inspired Alarm Clock and Piggy Bank, and Craft Items like Crayon Pencils put together to form a Photo Frame. 

I'm sure that Too Indian will keep pulling the crowd like it already has, not only backed by its delicious food, but also by a strongly put Retail Therapy regime that promotes the efforts of Home Chefs and Artists in hindsight. 

Best wishes to Team Too Indian for a stellar show in the F&B space. :) 

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