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Sophisticated Gastronomy At Tamra...

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ताम्र is a word of Sanskrit origin signifying copper. Owing to its excellent material properties and heat conduction, it has been a favorite cookware material for chefs in India since ancient times and has become one for chefs across the globe, gradually.

Borrowing from the concept of the metal, Tamra, situated on Level 1 in Shangri-La in the heart of the city, incorporates a potpourri of cuisines and delicacies while overlooking a picturesque garden maintained within the premises of the property.

With a lavish buffet and Ala Carte catering to Indian, Oriental, Continental, and Thai preparations at patrons' behest, they're bound to be spoilt for choice when being at and enjoying their visit to Tamra. Also, in accordance with the name, Indian preparations are served in copper vessels.

The stewards are informed and attentive, and service is courteous and warm, as due care is taken to address any allergens or customizations before hand.

My visit to Tamra came about as a consequence of a celebratory lunch and I thoroughly relished the delicacies prepared by Chef Neeraj Tyagi and his skilled team of chefs.

It comes as no surprise when all the dishes are prepared with such finesse because Chef Tyagi has a backing of a decade and a half along with numerous prestigious accolades to his credit.

Tamra's interactive kitchens emulate early marketplaces, where chefs showcased their skills and presented culinary delights crafted to be sold to visitors and traders alike.

Moreover, the decor too borrows with a liberal usage of copper as decorative trinkets to enhance the vibe that Tamra aims to reflect. Don't be surprised if you spot some rolling pins i.e. the homely बेलन right across the wall or atop the ceiling too. :)

Here's what would be my recommendations to be appreciated when at Tamra...


Mango Tango is a seasonal special and was a concoction of cucumber, mango puree, honey, and ginger ale.

Big Wave was a flavorful mocktail served in a tiki glass, with a prominent lychee flavor.

Asian Lemonade is Tamra's signature beverage, with grapefruit, orange, and cranberry flavors leaving a lingering taste on the palate.

Coconut Mint Cooler had hints of mint, lime, fresh coconut water, and cucumber.


Classic Caesar Salad was a delectable spread of Romaine lettuce, croutons, and grilled chicken breast with a parmesan dressing.


Minestrone was a classic preparation with tomato broth, beans, parmesan, and veggies.

Green Asparagus Veloute consisted of asparagus ribbons and creme fraiche, thus imparting it a creamy consistency.


Aam Papad Paneer Tikka is Tamra's signature and the prominent tangy mango flavor coupled with melt-in-mouth cottage cheese could help me see how it is so.

Peeli Sarson Macchi Tikka was an authentic river sole marinated in yellow mustard and cooked to perfection.

Tandoori Tellicherry Prawns are another signature, with the marination of black pepper, brown onions, and curry leaves imparting the tiger prawns a lingering flavor on the palate.

Main Course:

Paad Paak Ruam was a flavorful mix veg stir fry that went well along with sticky rice.

Aaloo Palak Ki Gujia had each ingredient and its presentation working in its flavor, with a fennel based creamy curry, and spinach and potato stuffed in the shape of a Gujia.

Murg Makhan Malai was the most flavorful item presented in the main course, with its tomato based gravy and well-prepared chicken chunks.

Pudina Parantha went along well with both the curries.

Tawa Chicken Biryani, served along with Burrani Raita is a unique preparation at Tamra with the classic Rice delicacy not being subjected to Dum, but instead being cooked on a Tawa. It is undoubtedly a must-try, as the flavors closely replicate that of an authentic Dum Biryani.


Tamra Chocolate is their signature chocolate ensemble and consisted of rich flavors, reminding me of the Chocolate Bomb at The California Boulevard.

Creamy Cheese Cake was a fitting conclusion to the meal, with its pistachio crumble and berry compote complementing the spot-on preparation of the cheesecake.

All in all, Tamra comes across as a classy option for a delectable spread spanning across multiple cuisines which can be relished over some great banter and appreciation of a fantastic view that is the in-house green cover.

Moreover, Tamra emulates an ideal destination for a gastronomic platter encompassing global flavors that make any dining experience memorable. My time at Tamra too stands testimony to that. :)

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