Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Oven Story Redefines Love For Pizza...

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Last weekend at home was Pizza Weekend. Though Pizza has lost me as a fan because of not-so-great preparations being done by the regular names in the market, I had heard a lot about a new home-delivery-only joint in my vicinity going by the brand name - Oven Story - a brand which believes that Pizza emulates life, and thus decided to give it a try.

How is Pizza = Life? Thus opines Oven Story's Pizza Pedro:

"Flour, butter, veggies and cheese, if not put through grueling heat and tests of time, they will never become a beautiful pizza. On the other hand, we’ve often seen people find the completion of their story, in a warm pizza. In life-like situations like these, how can the only variety be that of toppings?

At Oven Story we know how your pizza resonates your story, so we’ve got you our 4 signature cheese bases- one for each of your mood. From alive and hearty Peri Peri and beautiful mellow roasted 4 Bell Pepper to hot Chipotle and el-Classico - a classic cheese spread that’s perfect for all.

So go ahead, choose a flavor that completes your story."

This particular analogy seemed interesting enough for me to go ahead and craft a story at Oven Story. From their impressive range of Pizzas, Garlic Bread, Bruschetta, and Dessert, I decided to opt for Pizza and Dessert to form my first impression of their brand.

From their quad bases, I opted for El Classico, Chipotle, and Peri Peri. Going by their About Us, I already had a feeling that Oven Story would be a class apart from run-of-the-mill Dominos or Pizza Hut, and I was proved right.

My order placed with them consisted of the following:

  • Chipotle Gourmet Veggie (V)

  • Peri Peri Big Western (NV)

  • Classico Picante (V)

  • Sicilian Red Velvet Cake 

Not only were their 9" pizzas thin, crisp, steaming hot, fresh and light on the palate, but also they were loaded with life-size chunks of respective toppings and melt-in-mouth cheese that went without saying. I finally got rid of my gradual aversion to Pizza because of the other well-known brands having degraded their name in the market by utilizing ingredients/toppings just for namesake, as Pizza had just become mere refined flour and cheese for me over the passage of time. 

Not the case with Oven Story, though. These people impressed me and how! Also got to know that they had partnered with Faasos for their delivery operations, hence handling the logistics like a pro. 

 I also observed that their bases were not just flour, but also some herbs were visible on the underside of all the three bases. Poking holes in the pizza base also proved to be a good idea for even cooking, thus making the pizza soft, crisp, and flavorful. :)

However, the star of the meal was their Sicilian Red Velvet which was a delicious cross between a regular Lava Cake and an aesthetic Red Velvet. The cake was topped with nuts, which were the icing for me. This dessert is my must-have when ordering from Oven Story.

Oven Story as a brand has been present in other major metro cities of the country and Delhi is their newest arena. I am sure that with such mastery in their preparation, presentation, and delivery, Oven Story will steal hearts all across the capital city. :)

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