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Live Grill And Molecular Thrill At A Grill Company...

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As I have always opined, Molecular Gastronomy is one of the new trends on the food block and is a fad that has caught pace with the times. It gives a new rendition to the plating of dishes and adds an aesthetic appeal. I have had my tryst with this concept twice in the past (at Addam's House and Indus Flavour), but this time was meant to be different.

One of the newest establishments on the block is A Grill Company situated quite strategically in Logix Mall, which is at a stone's throw from Noida City Centre Metro Station on the Blue Line.

It was an exclusive Media Invite that led me to be the first few to witness the launch of this restaurant, which is spaciously done in vibrant hues, with some archaic trinkets like a life-size gramophone and classic Bollywood film posters adding to this place's aesthetic appeal.

A Grill Company goes by the tagline - Live Grill and Molecular Thrill - and thus brings to the fore, two core elements - a BBQ on-table Grill and Molecular Gastronomy in conjunction with Street Food. 

The Main Course and Dessert part of the meal abide by a buffet system here at A Grill Company but more about that later. 

The Appetizers feature a Gastro Grill On-The-Table comprising of an Amuse Bouche in the form of Cotton Candy, with some nicely grilled delicacies paired with dips (for the veggies) and bastings (for the meat).

There is the interesting concept of a Molecular Chaat Bar comprising of Golgappe with Paani in five variations (Roohafza, Green Apple, Blue Curacao, Aam Panna, and Shikanji) presented with Chutneys in syringes, Mini Raj Kachori with foam and frozen yogurt spheres on the plate, a deconstructed Dahi Vada Sundae, and Flavored Yogurt Spheres served in four variants (Chocolate, Green Apple, Banana, and Strawberry).

On the other hand, there is a Molecular Chaat Trolley that is more like a Live Kitchen on wheels as Chef prepares the dishes right before one's eyes. The fare savored from this section included Palak Patta Chaat and Nachos Chaat served with yogurt that is frozen using Liquid Nitrogen.

Also, Dragon Breath Popcorns came in a bucket and were supposedly frozen using Liquid Nitrogen yet again.

Among the mocktails and shakes, I tried Saffron Foam and Paan Martini, both were prepared well.

The Main Course Buffet here presents a considerable amount of variety and the fact which works in their favor is that they have a regional menu which is going to change every day so that patrons would have something new to look forward to, each time they visit A Grill Company.

The Desserts are a class apart on the palate. From the Berry Custard to the Coffee Mousse, to the Brownie, Gulab Jamun, and Sugar-Free Phirni, that's a nice amount of variety as far as these sweet conclusions are concerned.

I had a nice time at A Grill Company, and am of the opinion that with their dual-theme concept of BBQ and Molecular Gastronomy, the entire feel and look of the well-done place, and attentive service, A Grill Company is going to go places in the long run. :)

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