Monday, 20 February 2017

A SpRAY Of Health...

Ray is Oil you need. It is a refreshingly new, innovative concept in the arena of cooking. It promises to change your lifestyle. In fact, it is going to change your style of cooking. I have been using Ray Natural Cooking Spray for quite a while now. And, I can bet it is better in many aspects than your conventional concept of pouring tablespoons of oil into whatever vessel is intended to facilitate the cooking process.

Firstly, the concept of a spray oil saves money because its usage is optimal and economical. Thus, it avoids wastage. Secondly, it is healthy, because it avoids excess usage as is possible when opting for other traditional styles of using cooking oil. Thirdly, it gives a uniform spread over the intended surface. Whether you are using grill, oven or normal gas stoves, it makes a lot of sense to use Spray Oil. Finally, it gives you a remarkable taste of the spices and other ingredients.

Ray Natural Cooking Spray gives you 750 sprays per can. Each spray contains a mere two calories. And no cholesterol trans fats. As a matter of fact, it is approved by Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Govt. of India.

It is quite interesting to observe the calorie comparison. One spray contains 0.25 grams of fat and two calories. While if we use one teaspoon butter, it is 3.8 grams of fat and 35 calories. Moreover, one teaspoon of oil, instead, has 4.6 calories of fat and 41 calories. Now, probably, you will understand why I am of the opinion that it is a healthy cooking alternative. Its usage is quite simple. Firstly, you have to shake the can well before use. Secondly, you have to point the spray nozzle towards the dot. Thirdly, hold the can upright. Spray about 10 inches from the cooking surface.

Let me highlight a few of the unique points of Ray Natural Cooking Spray. The spray spreads universally on the bottom of pan, griddle, or sandwich maker, thus cooking is much healthier and better. The consumption is far less than the way we cook using a tablespoon or many for oil or butter. Most importantly, you get the real taste of the ingredients and spices, as I said before. The oil doesn't predominate over the taste of the ingredients thus making it tastier and healthier.

Though Ray Natural Cooking Spray comes in four alternatives - groundnut, olive, sunflower, and ghee, I chose to try sunflower oil. The standard pack is 250 ml (or 200 gm). It is ideal to use it as a natural, convenient way to cook without the calories of conventional oil or butter. In fact, whatever is the mode of cooking. Ray Spray is your healthy alternative to cooking oil. Hence, whether it is the pan, cookware, griddle, baking, or microwave dishes, Ray Cooking Spray is ideally the best. I have been using it regularly for cooking my routine vegetables, curries, sandwiches, fritters and many other dishes.

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