Thursday, 29 September 2016

A Step Closer To My Dreams

A journalist, a photographer, a writer, a public relations professional, a graphic designer, a social media analyst and many more of such out-of-the-box career options pulled me towards a Communications course. But to ace any of these jobs, you need right education, and after my high school, this is where I thought I’d hit a roadblock. Just like my classmates, even I dreamt of entering one of the top global universities. But unlike them, I struggled with my final exams, ending up with, as they say, just average marks.

After researching for a while, I found out about the University of Technology Sydney, one of the best schools for my choice of course. Obviously, I wanted to get there, but ‘how’ was the only stress. I spent some more time trying to figure it out and that is when I stumbled upon UTS:INSEARCH

University of Technology, Sydney

Why would a university enroll me when I don’t have the required marks? With that thought, I was a little apprehensive initially - even you would be, if you were in my position. But fortunately, I came across ‘The Insiders’ who made everything a lot clearer. 

Dipal Patel, Communications Student at UTS

“The path is simple, the journey is a promising adventure and the end will be as I dreamt of!” This is what Dipal, one of the UTS Insiders, told me. Hearing this straight from a UTS student, I convinced my parents to apply for an international university, and then there was no stopping! 

From faculty to campus, assignments to student life, to even holidays, Dipal cleared even the smallest doubts that I had in my mind. All I had to do was follow her on Instagram and directly message her my doubts. Her Instagram feed totally gave me the feel of the UTS life. Every time there was something I wanted to know, I would just randomly drop a message and get a reply. 

What assured me further was their website:, where I found Dipal and got to know about the other Insiders. I had the freedom to talk to all of them and get multiple perspectives about the university. So for every prominent course that UTS offers, there’s an Insider to help you out at every step. Whether it’s engineering, designing, business or medical science, you can get a student tip for it all! 

By now, I was all up for UTS but living in a new city, by myself, was also another thing on my mind. But as I spoke to Dipal and other university mates, I was excited about being in Sydney. Sydney ranks fourth in the world as per the QS Best Student Cities Survey 2016, which gave me another reason to study at UTS! From safety, to cost of living, to social life, to commutation, finally there was nothing that I was worried about. 

You can also feel assured about all the problems that you might face before going to Sydney by getting in touch with the UTS Insiders. You will gain knowledge and much more by asking the relevant and right questions to them. 

The UTS Insiders

Dipal encouraged me to do things differently and take up this opportunity, and so I gladly say, I did!
UTS: INSEARCH is a stepping stone to one of Australia’s most innovative, international and prestigious universities - the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) which offers degrees in leading academic courses of higher education. 

And the UTS Insiders, is undoubtedly a great platform to connect with the right people who can guide you to a better future at UTS.
I highly recommend you to get in touch with any one of the 12 UTS Insiders on Instagram if you would like to study at UTS or know more about it and experience what I did!

All the best! 

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