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Spooky Innovations At The Addams House

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The Addams House is located in the bustling Sector 29 Market and my visit to this place came about as a consequence of the tasting of their Chef's Special Menu, inviting me to an 'Inverted Feast'.

Inspired by a family that went by the same name and whose spooky shenanigans (fictional, of course) have been emulated and adapted in print, through feature films, being televised, or gaming, ever since the 60's, though the 90's kids may fondly remember The Addams Family as being on TV, through the erstwhile Cartoon Network, once you step into this outlet, it feels like this fiction from Charles Addams has come alive in its full form, right before your eyes.

From the facade that resembles a spooky castle to the entwining staircase that leads you to the first floor, and beyond that to the rooftop, to portraits of the family members, to the lamps that are held by hands that resemble Thing, to the chandeliers that draw from barren foliage, and the most awesome life-size mural of The Addams Family - Gomez, Morticia, Uncle Fester, Lurch, Grandmama, Wednesday, Pugsley and Thing, to a mannequin of Lurch that is bowing down to welcome patrons, The Addams House is The Addams Family personified.

If you're new to the concept or inspiration behind this establishment, worry not, as there is a detailed inscription on one of the walls, tracing the history of The Addams Family and its inception by Charles Addams.

Being a gastro-brewery, I liked the fact that they have separate seating areas for the Dining Area and Bar. Freshly brewed beer is available to order if one may like, though. Even in their food menu, classic as well as molecular gastronomic dishes are on offer, so that one is spoiled for choice.

Coming to the meal and its nuances, we begun by ordering mocktails - Plum Passion Cooler and Raspberry Orange Cooler - both boasting of well-defined flavors of each of their core ingredients. What stuck me was the presentation, in a glass with a twisted stem - a fine detail taken care of, in line with the theme of the establishment.

Went ahead their Golgappas - served on a platter with a bed of fuming nitrogen underneath and plated dynamically with the quintessential Mint Chutney being piped through a star shaped nozzle. I would prefer their Chick In Balls as opposed to The Modern Classical Way.

The Rajma Chawal Balls - Addams Way are a must-have starter as it presents a crunch and spice on the palate, with the melt-in-mouth home-made Rajma Chawal. Another one to try are the Streaky Bacon Chicken Bites - an overload of chicken, cheese, and BBQ sauce.

Their Paneer Roulade's gravy is the most flavorful one I've had in a long time. The Grilled Fish Fillets form for yet another molecular presentation with micro greens and Nitrogen foam on a bed of Lemon Rice, Risotto Style, with a dash of pepper. I would recommend a second helping of both the Mains.

Halfway through the meal, also tried their Shakes - Hazelnut Cheesecake and Red Velvette - both flavorful and with a creamy consistency.

Also their Wood Fired Pizza named Horny Cowboy is a vegetarian's paradise, with its mushrooms, bell peppers and cherry tomatoes layered with melted cheese on a thin crust.

The desserts at The Addams House are to die for, and I do not do this generally, but I must admit, that despite being full, we ordered a second portion of both Winter Rose and Chocolate Hazelnut Royal Crackle.

The burst of the coolness of rose is just beyond pleasant in the former, while the smoothness of the layers is impeccable in the latter.

I hope that The Addams House keeps up all the good work and I am surely heading here for a repeat visit whenever I am in this area next.

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