Friday, 2 September 2016

#DecathlonHUDAOpens A Sporting World...

Launch of Decathlon India's newest Sports Store in Gurgaon - #DecathlonHUDAOpens.

Tuesday, August 30.

HUDA City Center Metro Station.

The end of August was all set to be marked as a Sporty Affair, all because of Decathlon and their decision to proclaim to Delhi/NCR that it is time when #DecathlonHUDAOpens in a few days' time on September 3, 2016.

It was my pleasure to have been invited to the Blogger's Preview Launch at their newest kid on the block. In my opinion, it was a sporting extravaganza and any sportsperson's paradise.

You name it, and they have it, only because Decathlon has been a one-stop-shop for all things Sports. And, by Sports, I certainly do not mean just Cricket. The term 'Sports' is more than just this one game that we Indians are obsessed with.

Whichever physical activity involving skill, exertion, competition and sportsmanship spirit comes to your mind, at the mention of the term - be it cricket, tennis, badminton, golf, skateboarding, cycling, swimming, hiking - or even fitness equipment - the necessary sportswear, equipment, and accessories (if any) to participate in all such sporting tournaments is all available at Decathlon, be it in India or worldwide.


Catering to an array of 50 sports and 5,000+ products, there is a bleak chance that Decathlon's sheer range won't sweep an athlete or even common men or women off their feet. It is not that Decathlon is a mere museum for all things sports. They know their business and they know it quite well.

In case you didn't realize, their business is Customer Satisfaction, sans the trickery to impose their products on a potential client who walks into their stores.

The newest outlet in Gurgaon at HUDA City Centre Metro Station which is bound to be open to public tomorrow morning - #DecathlonHUDAOpens - is no different. It follows in the footsteps of, and mirrors the brand philosophy at Decathlon.

Theirs is an interesting way of recruiting staff. An enthusiastic persona who makes their work their play is what they look for, given that he/she also reflects Decathlon's mission and vision i.e. each employee at Decathlon Stores across the globe would be well-versed with at least one sport - having played it or followed it quite religiously!

So, the first question you ask any of the staff whom you come across inside the store is - 'Which sport are you into?' Each one would have at least one sport's name to tell you.

And,  the one who assists you in choosing the right product from their range matching your requirements regarding a particular sport is the one who is well-versed with that sport, inside-out.

The interaction with Mr. Prajval (Operations Head - North India) and Ms. Sabrina (Store Manager - Decathlon HUDA) was extremely insightful and they were more than happy to address all queries coming from us Bloggers.

What is also impressive is that Decathlon source their sporting equipment from places where a particular sport is most prevalent and has the suited environmental conditions to test. No, they do not approve a sporting equipment to be put on the shelves from the comfort of an air-conditioned office cabin, but test in it in real-time rugged conditions to check if it fares well before being presented to their customers across Stores.

I wish Decathlon India luck with the opening tomorrow, hoping that this store too, caters to Decathlon's client-base with panache. :)

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