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Cooking With Le Creuset & Chef Ranveer Brar...

A Masterclass Session by Chef Ranveer Brar in association with Le Creuset.

Monday, August 26.

Select CityWalk, Saket.

Le Creuset, world’s leading cookware brand famous for its cast-iron products, hosted a live gastronomical session with renowned Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar, who curated recipes that were beautifully prepared in Le Creuset cookware at Select Citywalk, New Delhi.

On the occasion, Ankur Damani, Country Head - India and SAARC, Le Creuset said “We are thrilled to have associated with Chef Ranveer Brar. Le Creuset is most particular about quality and innovation that is why we feel that the talented Chef Ranveer Brar is perfect to demonstrate the difference that comes in cooking with Le Creuset cookware and to help the audience make it a part of their lifestyle”.

Speaking about his association with Le Creuset, Chef Ranveer said, “Le Creuset is an international leader in luxury cookware and I am absolutely pleased to be associated with this reputed brand. Cooking with Le Creuset cookware is an experience in its own and it’s a great opportunity to be able to share that with people who share the same interest”.

In a short personal interaction that I had with him, he also recollected moments from his journey as a Chef, recalling how he had begun quite early, owing to his love for Awadhi Cuisine, the opportunity he's had in the past to cook for Heads of State, in India and abroad, his time at Boston, the dynamic and challenging environment that he'd gone into, in the hospitality sector at Boston, his newly launched book titled 'Come Into My Kitchen' and some tidbits from it.

He also quipped how you only had to get the basics right, when you're cooking for Heads of State. It is real fun that lies in cooking for Chefs that cook in such an environment routinely, also letting me into the trivia that one of his upcoming projects 'Chef for Chefs' is based on the very principle.

On the outset of it, he also revealed that he was looking forward to the launch of his upcoming ventures Dowtown Mayura and Tag By Ranveer.

Also, he reminisced his Signature Recipe - Dorra Kebab - Cooked on a smoked silken thread, it is as tender as the Kakori (if not more) with tones of sandal and rose. It is a sandalwood scented lamb mince kebab cooked on a smoked silk thread, the recipe to which is available on Chef's website.

He stated how he considers himself to be an Understated Chef and let his work do the talking, which goes in line with the brand philosophy of Le Creuset. He believed his association with the brand to be a dynamic one, and was looking forward to a great reception of the product and his association by the client base of Le Creuset and his followers alike.

He also said that he believed in the philosophy of भाव का निर्वाह i.e. your mood reflects in your food, on your plate. If you'd be happy, your food would smile back at you, look beautiful and taste delicious.

Chef Ranveer Brar cooked and plated aesthetic, delectable dishes that were prepared in beautiful Le Creuset cookware featuring the following recipes from a specialty cookbook curated by Chef Brar:

  • Achaari Paneer Tikka with Grilled Watermelon

  • Thai Basil Chicken
  • Butter Chicken Slider 

  • One Pot Bean Taco Soup 

  • Red Rice Coconut Pudding Arancini

These gastronomical delights made for a Live Masterclass in the Central Atrium of Select City Walk Mall where guests were able to interact with the chef throughout the session to recreate the magic at home.

Sharing some of the following anecdotes from Chef Ranveer, which are easy to overlook, yet essential to abide by:

  • LAZY Cooks are SMART Cooks. 
  • Presence of Mind and Instinct are two essentials to being a good cook. 
  • Food cooks in its own residual heat. Cook your food till 80-85% and it will keep cooking by itself. 
  • Colors should be used intelligently in Plating, for instance, to create contrast. 
  • While plating, keep in mind that your crockery has a geometry too, has a certain line. If you plate keeping in mind, that line, food will come out aesthetically. Don't scatter your food. 
  • Pineapple and Papaya are high-enzyme foods - must not be paired with milk. 
  • Yogurt = Richness of Milk - Fat of Ghee 
  • Vegetable, Nut, and Seed are the three types of oils that the body requires, in a fair mix, throughout the year. 
  • Non-stick cookware cools faster than it heats. It's best to use a thick-bottomed pan/pot. 

With such an insightful and delicious session coming to a close, I was delighted to take back Le Creuset cookware, in which to attempt to follow Chef's recipes and savor these delicacies yet again.

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