Wednesday, 11 November 2015

#TraditionMyWay This Diwali!

Diwali is the festival of bliss, goodness, and lights. Celebrations are at its peak during this festive tenure during each calendar year. The festival lends a certain inexplicable cheer to the mood and we all express our goodwill, love and a unique style in our own way by the means of a customary revamp of the wardrobe to usher in the festive spirit. After all, this Indian festive extravaganza brings with it a great opportunity to lighten the pocket, which must not be let gone, at any cost! ;)

I decided to paint my world festive with my own palette and brush in hand. To craft a #TraditionMyWay Diwali look for me was my aim. To express my festive style, I decided to choose complementary rather than contrast. After all, this is the time when fashion dons a new definition as the tradition meets individuality. 

The decorative lights outside must not only adorn the facade of one's house but also the light within must emanate to uphold the celebratory temperament and thus lead us on to discovering a better 'us' each year. 

I decided to go all the way to create my own world of vivid hues. I decided to gift a new look for my wardrobe to house as a keepsake this Diwali to bring a new styling with a twist. This Diwali had to be #TraditionMyWay

A customary gesture in the family has been to choose one of my Grandma's many exquisitely crafted Silk Lehengas paired with well-to-go-along and 'handled with care' jewelry sets. Though the entire ensemble may sound heavy to carry, the grace it imparts is unparalleled

This time around, instead of donning a look from the familial heirloom, I decided to look the 'light' way thanks to companionship offered by Jabong. I decided to select an elegant designer Saree and work around my Diwali look, #TraditionMyWay.

While I progressed browsing through the e-catalog, it became increasingly difficult for me to choose one, as I smitten by the vibrant hues of all Sarees. Selecting only one of the many was a time-consuming task. Yet, I knew when I had found the perfect one. I zeroed in on a graceful, gorgeous yellow saree from Hypnotex. My aesthetic designer Georgette Saree is fabulous, don't you think? 


Stilettos are the way to go ALWAYS, to be paired with those six yards of feminity - and that is a rule embossed in gold, in the Style Bible. After narrowing down on the color of the footwear and the occasion, it was meant to be worn to - thanks to the Color and Occasion filters on Jabong - I decided to opt for these Golden Stilettos by Shuz Touch. Classy, elegant and game on point!


The time then came to choose a classic timepiece, for me to flaunt. What could be more classic than black pearls? More so, when being proposed by timeless Titan Raga? This one wrist watch had aimed for my heart, hands down! 


To accentuate my look further and in keeping with the Indian tradition of wearing gold ornaments but with a twist, since it had to be #TraditionMyWay, I opted for trendy 18-kt black gold! Both the pendant and the studs from the house of Sparkles made sure that I sparkled my way through the family get-together. See the fabulous shimmer, which dazzles for yourself! 


The jewelry pieces were exquisitely crafted to lend the perfect amount of glamor pixie-dust to my ensemble! However, the two pieces of the Style Jigsaw left to place, were a complementary clutch and the perfect makeup kit. 

Well, if I was talking of pearls on my wrist, then I must possess an oyster too, from where to source those black beauties, ain't it? This sleek and spacious black polyurethane clutch from Dice caught my fancy and I fell in love with it. It has a voguish make, is waterproof and would thus last long. 


L’OrĂ©al Paris has always been my one-stop-shop for all my makeup needs and thus this wonderful five-piece Go-Glam Pink Makeup Kit was chosen without a doubt. It has my five subtle items - Compact, Kajal, Liner, Lipstick, Blush-On and would be well-equipped to endow me with my minimalistic look this Diwali, with #TraditionMyWay, thanks to ‘’


The entire ensemble made sure that I donned my stylish best, especially because it was #TraditionMyWay. It earned me the customary compliments from the better half too and made me realize that a subtle spin in the tale could also equate with the age-old fairytale. :) 


Happy Diwali, Dear Readers! :) 

Have a prosperous year ahead. 


P.S.: This post is written for #traditionmyway in association with Jabong. 
Please click on the images to visit the landing page of the respective products on the website. 

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