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Supple, Subtle, Yet Susceptible...

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September 25, 2015 
11:00 AM
New Delhi

It has been just three days that Poonam has returned from attending the launch of #SoftestForBabySkin. Well, I know because I read it on her blog. Didn't I?

And, I am green with envy. Because, she didn't take me with her. Leave alone me accompanying her, she's enjoying with another one here. 

Well, she's cuddling this excited individual here, but once she was back, she was with me. She had attended that event for me. While she then became occupied by the formalities associated with attending the event, like exploring the Goodie Bag she had received and recalling to jot down the exact proceedings of the evening, I was busy thinking to myself - 'This #SoftestForBabySkin Diaper is not the ONLY commodity you'd require to keep my soft skin safe'. 

Well, I kept it to myself initially, but now, I can't contain it anymore. Who better than me to counsel you on the other essential pointers to keep soft skin safe, dear Poonam? 

I am crawling to you. Just wait! 

Of course, it's me. After all, my skin is a valuable treasure. Alas, it is supple, subtle, yet susceptible. To counter that susceptibility, you would want to pair these five pointers with your preferred Pampers Premium Care Pants (which you had reviewed too) without a doubt. :) 

I am a pampered child. Yes, it has been so since the start. I do not complain, but I'm going to convey my cheat-sheet to protect my skin by the means of one-lined quotations. 

That's because I want you too, to guess what facet of baby-care it could point toward. Of course, I'd be elucidating each one's detail so that I am taken care of, properly and skin is able to retain its suppleness and softness and negate the susceptibility!


A Clean Home Is A Happy Home: A clean home is important. A clean environment is also critical for the same purpose. Every touch that comes my way should not only be gentle but also be antiseptic in nature, thoroughly sanitized. Well, I'm akin to being carried around in gentle arms or being seated on a warm lap, so you must ensure that you should also be neatly dressed. 

I Choose To Be Happy Today: Happiness around me with cheerful faces emanates a positive impact to my activity and keeps me joyous round the clock. There is a psychological impact which scores high on the list, to ensure my healthy growth. 

If there is a gloomy atmosphere around me, I apologize to remark that I would be better off with such a negative impact masking my positive energies. 

Well, with a child as cheerful as myself, it should not be such a herculean task for you to be your cheerful best, should it?

A Big No To Gloominess!
Keep me away from it, please.

Green Is My Favorite Color: This isn't because I was envious previously. I was born in nature's lap and would like to marvel at nature's each realm by being as close-knit to it, as possible. 

I would thus encourage the use of as many green products as possible. All commodities of daily use, be it edible or non-edible need to be liberated of chemicals and all synthetic products that could lead to life-threatening consequences in the long run or even otherwise need to be kept at bay. 

My milk bottle should be sterilized before every use, with the obvious pre-requisite that it had been procured from a reliable, known and quality source in the first place. The milk must be pasteurized, and that goes without saying, too. 

Green, leafy vegetables need to be washed and cleaned properly before preparation. I would not want to feed on dust and germs masked as food, even when I grow up. Similar precautionary measures follow for all such products present in the house, coming into my direct or even indirect contact. 

Nothing Is So Strong As True Gentleness: All-cloth towels are what I prefer. As soft as possible is how I prefer them to be. Synthetic clothes may have catastrophic consequences towards my soft skin. 

Similarly, oils and soaps that are used to tend to me are required to be chemical-free. No harsh or strong product should be applied to my susceptible skin. The products must be bought from a known and reliable source. You must try your best to examine thoroughly the 'Tests Approved & Certified' claims before procuring such products for me. 

There are plenty of manipulative sellers in the market who sell artificial products at a subsidized cost. Never allow yourself to be trapped by such lucrative but risky offers. Such offers might lead to serious repercussions later. You must not prefer saving some pennies in the first go but think wisely and consider my life which would be at stake afterward. An initial saving of a few pennies might lead up to huge spendings at a later stage in my life.

When Words Fail, Music Speaks: While I'm still at my baby-babbling, gurgling, and cheeky best, music serves as my best accomplice! Neither too loud nor too harsh melodies sooth my mind and calm my thoughts. Ensure to play soft music at a low volume to pep up the mood for me. I would then be at my active best. 

Keep observing the kinds of tunes and rhythms I tend to like more and that which evokes me into a playful mood.  For some time,  keep aside your preferences and match my beat as I dance to my tunes. My reactions to certain actions of yours would provide you with ample pointers, provided you are a keen observer. :) 


You could take my word for it, Poonam. Such a balanced environment would ensure the best conditions for me to play, laugh, learn and grow up perfectly. 

Your protectiveness would provide me with the perfect opportunities to be at ease with myself and the people around me. 


Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy.

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  1. What a fun way of sharing your views. Enjoyed reading it. :)

    1. I am glad you liked it.
      Thanks Saru.
      Keep Visiting. :)


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