Sunday, 29 November 2015

Pamper Them From Within...

Tiny tots are true bundles of joy. They are the ones who light up our world, and the entire notion of not letting the child within oneself die is rephrased for life, after one embraces parenthood.

Quite naturally, the first emotion which a newborn evokes is that of protectiveness. Given that such skin is at the paramount of gentleness, fragility and delicate being at first touch, one can't help but admire and at the same time, be taken aback by the painstaking amount of caution that would go into realizing that such skin would be Supple, Subtle, Yet Susceptible.

Being a first-time mother back in the 90s, I too learnt the ropes gradually. It wasn't an easy task at first, but the patience has been worth it. After all, if motherhood had to be easy, it wouldn't begin with labor! :)

I've now come to realize that apart from some physical commodities and noticeable measures to shield a newborn's or toddler's skin, there's a lot which could work wonders from behind the scenes. However, these valuable insights often go unnoticed or are neglected more often as an oversight.

These five values could very well imbibe the essence of being #SoftestForBabySkin too, for they would not only keep the baby's skin soft but also aid them in the long run as an individual on the path of life. :)


Truth and Fairness: To lead life in a clear manner, there needs to be a substantial amount of truth and fairness around. It creates a cloud of positivism around. These positive vibes in turn simulate a certain cheer in and around the whole family to establish harmony amongst each other. The same is definitely going to impact a baby empathetically and will help in keeping their soft skin healthy.

Family Values and Bonding: The inculcation of family values, must be dealt with, on a priority basis. It is not only about enhancing the learnings of the baby who needs love and care but also about being upheld at home in a universal manner.
Some things in life are not to be announced or told as and when they happen; some emotions reflect everywhere. That is applicable in this case when the values and bonding are something which reflect in your actions, talks, behavior, words, looks, body language and almost everything you do. It is difficult to hide from oneself, let alone others, and it is more difficult to disguise.
You must not act irresponsibly with such a crucial matter as familial bonding as your baby's soft heart, body, skin and mind are definitely going to be impacted by, and derive a lot of energy from it to stay healthy.

Respect: Respect has to be maintained in voice and words - for others and for oneself too. What you speak and how you speak is very important. Both are significant because if you speak well but fail in selecting good words at the very instance they need to be said, it would be of no use. Similarly if you are brimming with great ideas and words at one instance in time but are not able to express them in front of others, it would weigh down on manifesting your opinionated self.
Harshness in the vocable would lead to your child adopting 'like-for-like' attitude as a child's mind and mannerisms parallel moulding clay. They would then pick up such harshness as they would believe that it is a way of life. Gentleness in spoken word however, would go into making your child gracefully express themselves, in accordance with the need of the situation always.

Space: Everyone needs space in life. You need to be generous in providing space to one another in the family. With toddlers, it is the first and foremost prerequisite because if absent, it would lead to irritability which would take on a toll on your child's health. You wouldn't want that to be the case, would you?

Wisdom: Let wisdom speak in your personal and professional life spheres. Wisdom gained from the many experiences you have had, as a mature adult is a treasure that needs to be preserved. Never let your wisdom go away. It is a keepsake which needs to be passed on, in the form of anecdotes to the young children in the family to enable them to face any situation in life with poise.


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