Friday, 3 July 2015

The Sun's Rays Do Not Burn...

You're It. 

You've been tagged. 

The Tag Game is what I was reminded of, when fellow blogger and friend, Kiran tagged me, rather prompted me to participate in the Three Day Quote Challenge, the soul of which was to share a quote a day, for three consecutive days and to thank the blogger you had been nominated by. 

As far as extending the chain is concerned, I would like to invite each of my readers to share a quote of their liking, and the one which captures their belief on their blog, too. 

You could read the quote for Day One, here.
You could read the quote for Day Three, here.

Here. I share the quote of the day, or the #QOTD, as they call it, for the second day of the Three Day Quote Challenge. :)

essential to success 
sans distraction 
focus glorifies 



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