Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Cricket, The UC Web Way!

Cricket in India is like a religion, with Indians as resolute devotees. Ace cricketers from all around the world are regarded as deities by all cricket fanatics.

When a sport takes the form of an obsession, a passion, it is imperative that all other work take the back seat and the obsession is given the first priority.

After all, why shouldn't it be like that when the fanaticism in question is for the game of cricket? :)

In our nation, people of all ages experience a certain thrill and excitement at the mention of the sport and are ready to go to scale even the Mt. Everest in order to avoid missing a match!

Moreover, with various formats of the game, which had been introduced over the past many years to appeal to the audiences, nationally and internationally, it does not come as a surprise that love for this particular sport is innate.

School-going children, middle-aged individuals, and even senior citizens seem to have been gripped by cricket fever.

It is nearly impossible to find any Indian compromising with his liking for the gentleman's game. For, most of us, it is like choosing cricket over everything else in the world, blindfolded.

As a matter of fact, cricket is a game of the masses in the true sense, as it is a force like no other in our nation. We are tempted to skip work, postpone family get-togethers, bunk college, or even cancel a meeting! It is simply amazing that a subtle sport can appeal to such extent to the masses.

While it is not the game itself which I like, but the sportsmanship spirit exhibited by some players on the field which captures my attention, I would also like to add here that it is fun sometimes to juggle and balance between the game of cricket and personal or professional commitments.

Thankfully, most of the matches are day-night and hence I am able to reach home around the same time that they begin.
These are the perks of being a school teacher, which I enjoy occasionally.

As far as balancing household duties with the urge to watch a match and spend quality time with the family, while enjoying the televised game is concerned, I am thankful to myself, because it was my wise decision to get a wall mount television installed in the kitchen. Am I clever or am I clever! :D

For the times when I am in the go, however, I have my smartphone as a trustworthy companion with the UC Browser installed on it. It is this super fast browser by UC Web which enables me to watch any cricket match in the style of UC Cricket!

Moreover, it is one of Yuvi's most trusted browsers, too. #YuviSurfsUC, I am told! What more could I ask for if the prerequisite is to Surf It All, Surf It Fast? :)

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