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#HIQTravellerMeetup Moved The Howrah Bridge To Delhi!

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The Return Of HolidayIQ's #HIQTravellerMeetup.

Friday, 24 July.

The Lalit, New Delhi.

A tryst with the HolidayIQ community, yet again. Why, didn't you read about the first one, on the blog?

You must, but only after you read this one, reminiscing the ethereal experience that was yesterday! :)

"You shouldn't miss our Traveller Meetup at The Lalit, New Delhi that promises a unique Kolkata-inspired culinary experience! And, you get to meet top travellers from your city, listen to untold stories and share your own."

Thus spoke the invite, prompting me to experience the epicurean rendition of the Kolkatan cuisine, thanks to the Executive Sous Chef at Baluchi, Chef Ishika Konar, coupled with an array of travel anecdotes, from fellow travelers.

We were greeted by the Founder of HolidayIQ himself, Mr Hari Nair and the lady who supervises over all such Community Engagement initiatives with an invisible aura of cheer around her, Nihal.

Acquainting ourselves with like-minded wanderers was so absorbing that it did not take long for us to lose track of time.

An interesting story was elucidated by Hari, wherein he told all the attendees how HolidayIQ had begun as an Excel Sheet, yes the humble MS Excel, and today had grown to a community, 11 Million strong! :)

Thereafter, we were greeted by the General Manager of The Lalit, Mr. Vivek who offered a brief overview into the concept behind The Lalit, and to take us on the trail of an all artist's paradise of sorts - the art gallery which had been established, in memory of Mr. Lalit Suri.

The Baluchi welcomed us for a delightful culinary experience...

We were led onto the in-house wine cellar, access to which had been procured exclusively for members of the HIQ Community!

The restaurant boasts of certifications from Zomato and Mouthshut too. 

Yet another innovative addition to the place, is an in-house Naanery - where हिंदुस्तानी Breads are prepared, not in a clay layered तंदूर, but an iron-clad one! :) 

The choicest of Wines from the cellar were paired with exquisite breads from the Naanery

We relished a few unique preparations, while being seated in a round-table fashion around the Naanery itself, and introducing our respective self to fellow attendees. 

See the preparation in action! 

The Breads have been rolled, ready to be cooked. 

Assorted selections from the Naanery! :)

Have a look at our excellently curated Menu for the day, thanks to Chef Ishika Konar. :)


I will let the food story take over from this point on. :)

Authentic Kolkatan cuisine, curated by a Sous Chef who has her roots in the same food heaven, coupled with the most enthusiastic travellers from my city, a community which loves to host us and the most pleasant hosts in the form of the hospitable staff at The Lalit! :)

What more could you possibly ask for?

One thing.

Being captured in a single frame with the lady of the evening, Chef Konar, who is one of the very few ladies of her kind, to be enjoying the position of an Executive Sous Chef in leading hotels of the country. 

Here you go! :)


Of course, the customary groupfie, follows. 

Standing right next to me, is the Chief, Mr Nair, and the GM of The Lalit, Mr Vivek. 

I could not thank the entire team of HolidayIQ and The Lalit enough, who put in so much effort to ensure for all of us, an unforgettable experience, which would be cherished for long! :) 

As is customary, we had some HIQ memorabilia to take home, along with a token of gratitude on behalf of the folks at The Lalit. 

A Present From Our Hosts... 


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