Friday, 10 July 2015

Questioning The Diet!

"Mom, I want my burger and fries!", said Rahul.

'But, you have had the same for lunch, Son.', replied Rahul's mother.

"So what? I love them so much that I want to have them, day in and day out! Why don't you ever let me have them?", asked Rahul, with a pretty anxious look on his face.

"These are junk food items and are not good for your health.", replied the concerned mother.

"How can such delicious dishes be bad for my health? I want them right now!", Rahul said with a frown on his face and adamantly stomped his feet on the ground. 

In his opinion, he was doing a favor to his mother, when he finally decided to switch to 'pasta or pizza' with 'coke'. 

As if these were any healthier! :o

His mother could not understand whether to feel amused or to frown and helplessly give up to her child's tantrums. 

She was really concerned about the ill-effects of these foods affecting her boy's health adversely. 

Rahul was already over-weight. He had become lethargic, irritable and devoid of energy to pursue any sport or game, over the years. 

Rahul refused to have any fruits or nutritious leafy vegetables so as to counter those ill-effects. 

Fizzy drinks were making his teeth turn pale, and had even become home to cavities! 


This is the scenario with kids like Rahul in most homes, today. To make these children understand the importance of a healthy balanced diet is a herculean task and more often than not, parents end up conceding to the demands put forth. 

Teenagers who go for a casual outing almost always for a meal from a fast food joint as they are the 'in thing'. No one wants to be labeled as being old fashioned. 

If potato is served to you as 'French Fries', it is yummy and if served as home-cooked 'Potato Peas Gravy', it is frowned upon as being old school. 

The fact that these foods are composed of mere calories and have no fibre content does not bother young children!

Some people even chase the myth of adopting a crash diet to achieve the 'dream shape'.
Aiming to keep oneself in good shape is fine, but not to the extent of being borderline anorexic!

It is in such a scenario that the body is depleted of all the vital vitamins and minerals, the deficiency of which, leads to diseases.

Dabur has always been there for us, with their fine quality honey, which is so rich in vitamins and minerals that we do not need to compromise with taste for health.

It is rich in iron and calcium, that are vital for the proper growth of a young child, and which impart strength to their developing bones also.

They have always made us realize that #HoneyDietIsHere with their well-rounded Honey Diet. :)

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