Thursday, 11 June 2015

A #MaxFreshMove For Surprises...

It was a regular day.
An utterly boring one at that too.

Or so he had thought.
He had outgrown the monotonicity of his routine, so much so that he believed himself to be a mechanized specimen now.

It was the same get-up-at-six-in-the-morn, get ready, dash to office, back-to-bed-at-eleven-at-night, that had made him lose all interest.
He had failed to keep track of important events like anniversaries and birthdays in the recent past and today was no different.

It was not a regular day, after all.
It was their tenth anniversary after all.

It was only when his colleagues handed him cards and bouquets, that he realized his folly.
It was already ten in the morn by the clock.

He decided to take half-day leave and rush back home.
It was by one in the noon, that he was able to reach home, to face her wrath and disappointment.

No amount of persuasion, excuses, or even apologies could set things right.
After all, he had made the mistake of forgetting a milestone.
Of not paying attention to the hints she had been giving before he left home.
Of not taking note of his favorite dessert, which had been packed by her, as a part of his tiffin that day.

He decided that he would propose a surprise in exchange for this surprise from her.
Later, that evening, he called her from an unknown number, feigned a serious injury in a road accident and made her rush.

As much as it worried her, she reached the accident spot as informed by the caller.
Instead of how gruesome she had expected the scene to be, she was greeted by some onlookers singing along as a chorus, with her husband on the road!

He had made a resolution to surprise her like that!
She was completely taken aback as what her eyes were witnessing was completely unexpected.

Apologizing to your lady-love, complete with background artists, on the road, with passers-by looking on?
Like they show in the movies?

Well, you must be kidding.
She thought to herself.

This was not a dream, however.
And, it was not as if they were part of a movie's cast,

It was not all, though.
The evening ended on a high note, with some glitz and glam, being added to the occasion.

It was when he proposed to her, an open-air dinner date, in their favorite restaurant, did her face beam.
And, a subtle hint - we have some special company.

She had not realized that this special company would be none other than that of celebrities, Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun, who would make them lose all their apprehensions and acquaint them to the dance floor, that would be their stage for the evening.

Their confidence exuded energy, which lent the required #MaxFreshMove to their special day!

After all, who could refuse a courteous attempt by such vivacious personalities?
They danced to their favorite tunes and to their hearts' content! :)


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