Sunday, 28 April 2013

Illegal Encroachments: Hard To Find Solution

Read another news with the same title "Illegal Properties Razed in XYZ part of Delhi", which spruce up every few days or months. But I really wonder whether it is going to improve the face of Delhi even a bit! Actually there are many steps in it.

  1. First of all it takes years to get the orders for demolition for illegal structures of a particular area.
  2. Then it takes months to process the order, thanks to the bureaucratic procedures in the concerned departments.
  3. Then when it actually comes to the area, those irresponsible and shrewd citizens who are immoral and shameless enough to encroach the public land are ready to block the procedure and the officers following the orders of the court.
  4. Then if by God's grace, all the above steps are cleared, flaws in our law spruce up.

Actually I think court must see to it that whatever property is razed, its owner should be under the lens of the authority concerned to get the material lifted from the place and sent to the designated dumping place. Why should government spend public money to do this which is the outcome of a misdeed of that person. I think when that fellow has to spend money on getting the razed material removed, he would think twice before restructuring the illegal structure (which happens in most of the cases and people rather use the same razed material for restructuring). Many a times they request the authorities not to raze the whole portion and that also helps them in restructuring it. Hence authorities should not show any sympathy to these people at that time and follow the court orders strictly.

Hence it takes years for decision and razing of the illegal property and just a few days for people to reconstruct it. The end result obviously is zero.

Many other honest people would have observed the same in many colonies, crib about it and don't know what to do as people are the sufferers when traffic jams occur on the roads which are wide enough if people don't encroach the land around  their homes.

Whenever the illegal property is razed at some place, that colony area and roads give such a nice picture of open area which we all honest citizens of Delhi want to observe and live in.

Many a times corrupt MLAs also have a role in it. When these immoral people tell them that they have been living in that "illegally encroached area" or doing their business from there for a very long time and hence they should be allowed to use it even now, just to gather their vote bank, MLAs tell them that they can do so and they will deal with the authorities on their own (which is obviously not legal). So these people's representatives who should advise them to follow the law, rather help them in breaking it. In doing so, these type of people have become so self centric that they are not bothered about the deterioration of their colony and the nation who they are supposedly representing.

Please, corrupt citizens and politicians, stir your souls and do the needful for the beloved country you are residing in as a lot of sweat and blood has gone in it to get our Independence. Don't be slaves again - this time of your corrupt minds and intentions.

Friday, 26 April 2013

Making CCE A Successful Venture

Evaluation in CCE pattern of education can be successful if teachers, students and board work hand in hand. Students should take interest in developing the material with their creativity and not just for the sake of completing the work to get the grades. Teachers should guide the students properly to fulfill their ambition. Board must give due weightage to the efforts of both the teachers and the students.
The Board is washing its hands by saying that they are observing the material from the schools but that is senseless too. Trust should be on the teacher that he/ she knows better to develop various skills of the child which differs from child to child. Prescribed co-scholastic indicators are too theoretic to be true for all the children from all the sections of the society. How can we judge all the children with the same perspective? Teacher is bound to mechanically provide them grades arbitrarily even if the traits are not fair enough for his/ her group of children.
In today's scenario actually children have started idling their time and teacher has to do the work like a clerk that is keep on collecting files and keep the record of the data all the time which takes a lot of time at his/ her teaching part. If the practical learning is the motive, then Gurukul system is to be followed to the extent that the teacher doesn't need boundary specific parameters to be followed for his/ her children.

Similarly the new changes proposes at the university level seems to be a bit raw. There is a lot of gap in thinking of students, lecturers and administration. I just hope that the governing body has done a lot of home work and study on all the reforms they want to bring so that it does not mar the future of the younger generation.

Gaps Between Educational Reforms And Education System In India

Reforms are always the need of the society. Those who lack proper focus of the destination and the path to be followed are left in doldrums. It has become so true about the bureaucratic system and the corrupt people of today's India.

Another so called thoughtful but not at all practical reform introduced at the school level is CCE system. Comprehensive and continuous evaluation of the child sounds good but it was introduced in such a hurry that the results are far from the expectations. This system's goal is to lessen the burden of rote learning but ministers, bureaucrats and top officials who made the steps to follow are not in the practical day to day interaction with the students. Only the teacher concerned knows the fact that the burden has lessened in the form of rote learning but has transformed to the form of preparing endless assignments, projects, models, charts, scrap files, activity files the extent which is mechanical for the child as their number is too many at secondary level.

If the number of activities is reduced, then we can still expect the child to do them in the class itself and hence the actual purpose can be solved. Also the emphasis should be on the content and creativity and not on just decorating the file and pasting the data downloaded through the internet. Also it will reduce the mushrooming of shops which are providing readymade material to the students instead of them doing the work themselves. Another angle to this is that poor children suffer as they have to spend a lot on buying the stationery required which is increasingly becoming fancy (a flourishing business for stationery shops).


Educational Reforms: A Different Perspective

RTE (Right To Education) a pretty good initiating step for the society where so many children are illiterate either because of the economic condition of their parents or due to the lack of awareness. Many a times parents in remote areas, villages, slums etc. force their children to follow their footsteps and do labor which they have been doing to earn their livelihood. Even if the child wants to study like other children, he/ she is rebuked and is left for child labor. Parents should be guided about the importance of education in their ward's life. They must accept the fact that educated children will earn more money and respect for them.
Yes, a good step to provide children with money which goes directly in their bank account through the school, so that they can buy books, stationery, uniform, bag, water bottle etc. It has encouraged the parents to send their wards to the school. But even after all the steps being taken, private schools are not adhering to their EWS (economically weaker section) quota properly. If ministers can keep corruption apart, a solution can be found to all these prevailing problems in our nation. The private schools should be penalized that if they don't want to give admission to EWS children, they should pay the actual land price on which the school building is built which they got at very concessional rates.

Probably this way schools will happily take EWS students and will not burden other children's parents to compensate the so called loss of theirs.

Recipe Marvels From The Kitchen

When fire was invented by man, he started cooking his food. A long journey began from simple methods of cooking to the latest varieties of culinary skills, national and international. Obviously, many a times lots of inventions would have occured by chance or by hit and trial methods.
Now a days so many international cuisines like Chinese, Italian, Continental etc. are Indianized to cater to the tastes of our people. Basic recipe remains the same but our own 'desi tadka' is added to savour our taste buds.
Last Sunday I also thought of creating such tributary from one main method. Many people make desi ghee from cream at home. Cream boils and simmers at low flame for quite some time. We need to keep on stirring it so that it doesn't get burnt at the bottom of the kadahi. Once ghee starts floating on the top, we let it simmer for few more minutes so that ghee is properly cooked and can be kept for few months without getting spoilt with fungus. Then ghee is strained and kept in glass bottle.
All is well till this step. But most of the ladies don't know what to do with the leftover material in the kadahi. I asked my friends too. Most of them said that they just throw it away as nothing can be made out of it. But I didn't want to throw the edible. So I thought of utilizing it and tried my hands at preparing some dishes out of it.
First of all I stuffed the matter in the dough and prepared paranthas. They were so soft and yummy. But I couldn't keep it for more days as it started getting spoilt. Hence I thought of making another dish with it. I added wheat flour and sugar to it and kept on roasting it for quite some time. Then I added dry fruits in it. Wow! my Panjiri was ready and it was yummy. This encouraged me to think of another recipe and I did!
Next time I made Besan Barfi out of this matter. I added roasted besan to the stuff and roasted it for few more minutes. Then I added sugar and cut dry fruits in it. After some time I took it off the flame and poured the batter in a thali. I gathered it in the shape of a square and then put cut marks in the shape of small square pieces. I kept one almond on each piece. I left it for some hours for it to harden. Then I separated the barfi pieces from those cuts. My besan barfi was ready which was quite different from the run of the mill besan barfi available at the sweet shops. Everyone in the family relished the different taste.
I was really happy that instead of throwing away a really nourishing stuff containing pure desi ghee, I innovated three dishes out of it and relished them too.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Shame Shame Shame To The Power Infinity

Another brutal rape case in Delhi - this time a small kid of five years brutally raped. She is suffering from severe pains for no fault of hers.
Girl, is she just an object? A toy to be used by boys/men and then shredded to pieces. This is neither brutalilty nor barbaric animalism. That is too mild a word for them. These male members of the society are much worst than the animals. Animals are much better than them. Even they don't treat their females like this.
High time to control it - by the police or by the society? For getting the solution to the disease, it's cause is to be identified. Who are these Bas***ds who don't think twice before performing these acts. Why are they governed by their physical instincts and not by their hearts or brains?
The root cause lies in their upbringing. In our country boys are treated differently right from their childhood. They can abuse, smoke, drink, flirt, eavetease, spend days and nights loitering around the lanes doing any cheap acts. Even their mothers don't stop them. I think mothers, being ladies, who in their teens would have experienced eveteasing etc. must foresee these bahavioral patterns of their boys and should nip it in the bud. Mother should teach her son to respect girls. The approach of Indian mothers to overlook the bad behavior of their sons must be changed. She should not just teach her girl to protect herself from the boys by being at home but also guide her son to protect and respect girls other than his sisters.
At times even wives shelter their husbands for their misdeeds under social pressure. Like in this rape case of "Gudiya" the culprit Manoj is a habitual rapist. He raped his now wife before marriage and married her just because of Panchayat's pressure and to avoid imprisonment. And now when he got the chance, he did the shameful act again rather in a much brutal manner. But still his wife is protecting him. Isn't she doing a much wrongful act? She should rather stand for "Gudiya" and let Manoj get the severest punishment.
A strong message should be sent to these criminals through stricter laws that they can't escape the outcome in the form of just few years of imprisonment. The only solution is chemical castration if not the death sentence. Nothing less than this is acceptable.
So many rape cases are reported daily now a days and many remain unreported - many are by known people which indicates the sick mentality of these males. No counseling works for them (as happened in many serial rapist's cases reported) as they don't that their senses govern their body.
A complete overhaul of the upbringing of the boys in the society is the call of the day.
Amen... Hope for a protective future for the girls in India...

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Stir Your Souls

Quite strange and pathetic! Isn't it?

A population of 1241491960 Indians and not even perhaps a few thousands whose souls are stirred on hearing and seeing ruthless actions of millions of people daily in one of the other corner of our nation. Whether it is corruption at bureaucratic level from top to bottom or increasing crime rate quantitatively, and qualitatively degenerating (seeing the ruthless actions of rapists and rogues), the nation is going downhill in terms of moral values. Decreasing moral values and increasing selfishness reflecting only in actions of self-interest and that also at the cost of destroying the humanitarian values and above all our nation.

It is politics and business everywhere. Every Indian either wants powerful position through politics or lots of money by illegal means to get everything; and rule over everyone. They have made a mockery of the law. Only the common man, who is devoid of money and position, has to follow the law and also bear the consequences at the slightest fault. Justice seems to be out of the reach.

It is high time to peep inside our hearts and souls to rise above the self and do something constructive and pure for the society and the nation which automatically come back to us.

 Amen... To a fresh and pure beginning.