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Unwinding At AMPM Cafe & Bar...

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AMPM Cafe & Bar is the youth-centric hotspot in the sprawling B.K. Dutt Market in Rajouri Garden and is perfect for that weekend plan with friends amidst a chilled-out vibe.

As I had mentioned in elucidating my experience at The California Boulevard, AMPM Cafe is situated right above TCB, spanning the third floor in the same premises. It also comes under the aegis of Bright Hospitality. 

While TCB is more of a luxury fine-dine place for evenings made perfect with family and excellent food, AMPM comes across as a place to unwind with friends over say, a get-together, reunion or treat especially with their Lickable (Freak Shake or I would rename it Likeable) being their USP in the beverage section. 

TCB draws its theme from all things Hollywood, while AMPM is quite upbeat and has a theme centred around English music - rock, pop, jazz, blues - are all that reflect in their ambiance, decor, and even the way the menu has been designed, with every second page citing a quote from a popular youth icon of the likes of John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Madonna, and Freddie Mercury to name a few.

As for the decor, you would spot electric guitars on the walls, retro mics for lamps hanging from the ceiling and vinyl records painted on the corner wall.

There is also a life-size tic-tac-toe board on each table, for patrons to pass time while delicious food arrives on the table.

AMPM has its premises designed as a part open part closed seating which also allows for Hookahs to be served in a separate section.

With both outlets being housed in the same premises, Bright Hospitality is thus tapping into two demarcated target audiences - families as well as youth.

With a variety of dishes being plated in the American, Continental, and Italian cuisines, I was yet again spoilt for choice and instead chose to go by Chef's recommendations. 

Here's what all appetizing Food was relished at AMPM Cafe & Bar, with a menu curated by Chef Vinod... 

Dilli Ki Chaat, that is essentially Palak Patta Chaat.

Chili Chicken was served alongside chili dip.

River Sole Fillet was served alongside potato wedges and grilled veggies.

Fish & Chips was the quintessential English preparation with flavorful tartar sauce on the side.

Chili Prawn was cooked in a brilliant manner.

Fish Tikka was the classic Indian dish with mint dip and onion by the side.

AMPM Veggie Pizza was a flavorful thin crust pizza, with broccoli, corn, and mushroom as its generous toppings.

Coming to Beverages wherein their Lickable was the highlight, each one being overwhelming in its presentation, yet keeping the flavor of the key elements of each beverage intact.

Belgian Affair was a chocolate haven with marshmallows, Belgian chocolate, and tidbits of biscuits blended with ice-cream.

Benaras Belle was a fantastic concoction of Gulkand, Paan Syrup and Kulfi that had a life-size Paan leaf and Gulkand bits stuck on the outside of the archaic pickle jar that it was served in. Also, it came with a Meetha Paan on the side.

Mango Alphonso came across as a delightful respite from the summer heat, with the king of fruits as the eye of the storm of a burst of flavors on the palate.

Magnum Upside Down was the most awesome of all, with its upside-down cone and delicious Magnum paired with a generous topping of finely chopped almonds.

To counter all those calories, some coffee and tea were required and the following served the purpose well.

Double Shot Cold Coffee

Both teas were presented alongside honey and lime, in a French Press kettle.

Chamomile Tea

Jasmine Tea

All in all, AMPM comes across as a lively place where the party never dies, because they have great dishes to serve, all with a smile, and patrons have great banter and some classic English melodies to tune to while they unwind on a weekend with friends. :)

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