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#HappinessInABox At The Bento Cafe...

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On a recent shopping spree at the DLF Mall Of India, I tried exploring a cuisine that I hadn't relished in a long time. I came across The Bento Cafe and decided to treat myself to some nicely done Japanese fare in the heart of Noida.

The Bento Cafe is situated in the EAT Food Lounge at the fourth floor of the mall. It is a vibrantly done space, with yellows and whites dominating the decor.

One of their USPs I believe, apart from the fact the fact that they are catering to a Pan Asian palate, is that they exploit the concept of keeping freshly prepared dishes on display to aid sales.

The Bento Cafe is essentially a QSR (Quick Service Restaurant) that offers the authentic Japanese Bento Box and all other things Japanese i.e. Sushi, Dimsums, Street Snacks, and Rice 'n' Noodle Boxes.

Here's what all I tried when at The Bento Cafe.

Sushi, both of which were on a bed of fuming nitrogen, borrowing from the Molecular Gastronomy concept, served along with Wasabi and pickled Gari (ginger), authentically sushi ginger.

Salmon Philadelphia Roll

Sweet & Spicy Shitake Mushroom

Dimsums, one portion of which comprises five pieces. Tried the chicken variant in this one.

Japanese Pizza is a dish which I found to be a novel preparation was crafted out of a Tempura Flour base, stuffed with cabbage and corn. It was layered with delicious sauce and is a must-have when at The Bento Cafe, apart from their signature Bento Box, that is. You could discover this gem under their Street Snacks section on the Menu.

I was also told that their Sizzlers were the newest kid on the block and decided to try the Fish and Prawn preparations, which were served alongside two spring rolls, Thai Som Tum Salad, and french fries.

To accompany the fantastic food, I also had their Blue Mountain Slush.

Coming to their highly anticipated and popular item on the Menu, The Bento Box.

The Bento Box itself has been categorized into three on the basis of the variety of Mains:

  • Veg Bento 
  • Chicken Bento 
  • Gourmet Bento

#ItsBentoClock I was told when I was led through the three-step-guide to acquiring my own Gourmet Bento Box, those being...

Step 1: Choose Your Rice/Noodle - Asian Fried Rice (Veg)

Step 2: Choose Your Mains - Prawn Thai Sriracha

Step 3: Complimentary Portion of Thai Som Tum Salad which is all about julienned green papaya imparting a zing. :)

A notable gesture in their presentation of the Bento Box is the presence of a slip of the upper left-hand corner proclaiming 'Freshly Prepared For' and 'In Minutes' lending a certain customization. :)

I wrapped up my meal with their Melting Choco Dumplings which is prepared by melting white and brown chocolate on potato starch and then steaming the dumpling, thereafter topping it with shredded coconut. It is a dessert lover's delight, to put it in simple words.

The Bento Cafe is thus my newly discovered one-stop-shop for authentic Japanese fare and I must applaud them for their on-the-toes service and impeccable knowledge regarding the cuisine they serve. :)

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