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Exploring Indian Streets With The Masala Trail...

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The Masala Trail is the brainchild of Osama Jalali who is a well-known food critic and chef. Located at 52, Janpath, right next to the famed Sarvana Bhavan, TMT has been done up in vibrant hues with trinkets exploring the street-smart charm of India.

The diversity in Indian street food is immense as each region has its own specialties to offer. Street food is a symbol of the regional soul, a reflection of diverse cultures, a meeting point for people from different religions, and staple diet for the multitude. The Masala Trail is a pure vegetarian restaurant and makes an effort to bring traditional regional food in its authentic flavor from North, South, East, and West under one roof for its patrons.

Catering to an all-vegetarian palate, TMT, in its concept, is much like India On My Plate, exploring delicacies from all over the country though The Masala Trail concentrates on gems from the streets from the four regions - North (उत्तर), South (दक्षिण), East (पूर्व), West (पश्चिम). 

The decor has been done in vibrant hues with a life-size scooter and cart hanging from the ceiling and their branding with two Autos on both sides standing out on one of the walls. The Masala Trail attempts to bring to the plate, regional delicacies that most of us must have relished as a child.

At the entrance itself, on one side, there are shelves stacking jars of reminiscences from kiddie world in the form of Kismi, Gems, Mango Bite, Phantom, et al.

There were quite a few dishes that we relished from each of the four regions on a recent visit to The Masala Trail. Each dish on the Menu has a one-line or two-line explanation so that even a layman can connect to the tastes prevalent in a region that they may not have been to or experienced. 

Each region has its Appetizers and Main Course demarcated as नाश्ता and खाना respectively. The Menu has been painstakingly curated to revive even rarest of the rare dishes that a person akin to a particular region would only be aware of. 

The stewards are attentive and service is quick. That is a plus considering TMT has gradually become a favorite among the crowd. Quick service also corresponds to the fact that tables are cleared faster, thus amounting to the reduced waiting time for patrons. On the other hand, their immediate neighbor loses out owing to the fact that slow service corresponds to enhanced waiting time. Also, Keventers is a franchise outlet located inside The Masala Trail, and it has a distinct customer base.

Here's what all was relished at The Masala Trail. 


Jigar Thanda, which had गोंद mixed with ice-cream and Rooh Afza.

Mumbai Royal Rose Falooda

Bihari Namkeen Sattu

Neer Mor or Masala Buttermilk

Regional Combos: 

Idiyappam & Shappu Style Korma

Malabari Paratha & Nilgiri Korma

Rajasthani Dal Bati Churma

उत्तर का नाश्ता: 

Sooji Gol Gappe

Dilli Ke Ram Laddu

Banarasi Tamatar Chaat

Tower Chaat

Purani Dilli Ke Chole Bhature

Ashok Vihar Ke Matara Kulcha

दक्षिण का नाश्ता: 

Banana Poori

Dahi Vada

दक्षिण का खाना: 

Chalukya Dosa

Ginni Dosa, which had a striking resemblance in their presentation to Imly's Cheese Burst Dosa.

पूर्व का नाश्ता: 

Chowrangee Paneer Kathi Roll

Cheese Momos

पश्चिम का नाश्ता: 

Gujarati Dhokla Papdi Chaat

Chowpatty Pav Bhaaji


Gulab Jamun


All in all, The Masala Trail comes across as a must-visit place for anybody who wishes to explore India by means of our culinary heritage. The concept comes across as a breather in the hospitality industry which is today, engrossed in experimentation with food, somehow losing its connect with the true form and feel of what was once put on our plates. :)

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